Sep 2018

Hi, readers! It’s been a while since in NG Brakes we released this new website, and we decided to tell you a little bit about the news of this new page so you don’t miss anything.

First of all, we wanted to give more importance to the content we post, and because of that we are going to update it constantly with news in the motor, motorcycling and brake discs world through the blog and the web itself, with contents about competitions, news, events and ourselves, NG Brakes.

On the other hand, we thought it important to give much more presence to our product, the brake discs, in the whole of the website. As we know they are the center of our company and our clients must know the last innovations of the sector and the features of our discs, now you’ll be updated with all our range of products.

For that, we’ve introduced a novelty in the web, which is the NG Brakes catalogue. Monthly updated, we have both an online and a visual version, so every one of our clients can be in touch with our products and innovations in brake discs.

Regarding the usability, we achieved to make the website much more navigable and easy to understand for everyone, so you don’t have any problem when visiting it. Besides, we are going to keep our social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram really alive, and you’ll be able to consult the last news in both the networks and the web, so we recommend you to start following all our profiles so you find out everything about the current news of the NG Brakes world linked to the motor and the motorcycling.

We also recommend you to be aware of our social media, because we have some surprises prepared to celebrate this new stage of NG Brakes that you will soon find out about.

With that, we say goodbye for now. Do you like the new changes? We hope that with this website your experience with NG Brakes is as satisfactory as possible.


Pñagina web NG Brakesk