Oct 2018

We constantly analyse all the elements intervening in the braking of our motorbike and usually the pads and the discs are the ones that get our attention. In this case we’ll talk about the microfissures that can appear in the brake disc.

Before addressing the subject we want to reassure that the complete braking system in our vehicle, motorbikes in this case, is not just composed by the disc, the pad, the hose and the lever. There’s a fundamental element that doesn’t always go according to the recommendations, and it’s the tyre.

The adherence limit of the tyre itself is a determining factor to help the motorbike stop in each braking.

We address the microfissures topic explaining that they are little fractures that appear in the disc as a consequence of the alternancies of cold and hot cycles. This tiny fractures can be an advance of the feared “cracking”, what will trigger the alarms so we watch out cautiously their evolution, avoiding the bad luck of having them increased and turned into a dangerous crack for the disc’s state.

This tiny fissures don’t affect the capacity of braking, even in a competition they can be pretty common due to the extreme stress they are submitted to. The users in the street or moderate intensity ones can perceive a little “jumping” in the sensitivity of the braking when pushing the lever, this irregularity is transmitted to the fingers with more or less perception according to our receptivity.

At sight, these “varicose veins” are magnified by the black powder of the pads that is introduced in the slot and reinforces the cracking effect, but in fact their depth is really little.

The discs whose drawing is striped have less or nearly any chance of suffering this phenomenon. The leaky / pierced discs can have more eventuality when talking about little cracking round the holes. It’s precisely the functionality of the holes themselves, for the purpose of refrigerating, that make more possible the appearence of fissures around them.

The care we must have with our motorbike is part of the safety measures we constantly desire.