Nov 2018

The law or the common sense make us reason about a very important aspect for the motorbike users: the regulated clothing. The law marks the compulsory use of the helmet, evident and life-saving safety measure, although we still hear in some debates people defending the freedom of decision of each one to comply with this measure.

But the debate that will soon be generated is the next (presumably) obligation to wear adequate clothing to driving a motorbike.

How many times we have seen, even ourselves, driving a motorbike in flipflops and swimsuit. And even without protection gloves. It’s because of that that a measure is being created in which the use of gloves and possibly correct footwear is being prepared to a speedy implementation.

In France the norm establishes as compulsory the use of helmet and protection gloves to drive a motorbike. Here it is being discussed whether to add appropriate footwear as the Commission for Vial Security in the Congress signals. This rule being studied comes from a simple reasoning: a drop by the asphalt can carry serious consequences for the biker himself/herself if, as we mention above, he/she wears a T-shirt, a swimsuit and flipflops. Can you imagine the abrasions produced in the skin although we fall at 15km/h? If the clothing was more adequate, gloves, footwear and jacket, it’s possible that it ends up with just a shake and the shock of the moment.

We don’t enter to position ourselves for or against because it’s evident that above everything we want to be whole and because of that the measure is not appropriate by the imposition, but by the common sense implied in it.

This is added to the classic legends that always come up “in the USA the use of the helmet is not compulsory”. Lie! Approximately the 50% of the states demand the use of the helmet and in a big percentage of those which don’t demand it you have to prove some requisites of health insurance, life, minimum age, etc. to be able to NOT wear the helmet. What’s curious is that we use to watch videos and movies that seem set in California coast in which they’re mounted in a motorbike without helmet, being it one of the states where the use is compulsory, and with beach clothing. Curious the case of Florida, where the helmet is optional, subject to an accident insurance, but where the glasses to drive a motorbike ARE indeed compulsory, day and night. Each country has its own clothing rules, but in general they are stated for the drivers’ safety.

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