Nov 2018

Many motor lovers have seen the growth and the development of a modality which awakes passion and adrenaline among the participants, we mean the Pit Bike.

Those who have some burnt wheels will remember the little Monkey and Dax circulating through the pit boxes in the motorcycling championships. Even before that, little monsters built with pieces and discard material, that were used to move faster than a walk behind the scenes. Possibly here it is the origin of the current Pit Bikes, with the luck that the weight of their popularity made room for them in the competition. But something everyone agree with is that the Honda CRF50 marks the inflection point as the aesthetics and features origin in the current category.

Like this we arrive to a particular ecosystem which is completely consolidated and expanding because it generates a big dose of competitive realism for an extremely restrained price. The difference between the Pit Bikes and the Mini Bikes is their size and height, being the last less than 50 cm while a Pit Bike is normally in the 90 cm of height in the seat. In addition, regarding the motorisation there are also differences, we just say that while a Mini hardly ever surpasses the 65 km/h of maximum, a Pit Bike can reach the 120 km/h depending on the track and the rider factor.

Beginning in this specialty allows us to choose between two modalities: Motard (acronym of Super Motard) and Cross. In both of them the fun is ensured. But what is the secret of this success? The price, as resounding as that. China smells the market and goes for it, once detected it has made affordable a motorbike of 700 to 1000€ that can be the standard basis and from there, with certain improvements, the performance and the safety increase.

We insist in the safety topic because it is our terrain and because of that NG Brakes has developed discs of 240/220/210 mm of diameter for 3 or 4 drills and rear of 190/180 mm of diameter of floating and wave kind. But not just that, we also have crowns of 36z to 46z (teeth) we add features and increase the safety of stopping the motorbike when we want and not when it wants. What do you think about this topic? Do you want to see specific facts? Visit the EKP Bikes website. Prices, models, accessories, etc., everything you need to initiate or progress in this class.


Pit Bike