Dec 2018

Since 1997, in NG Brakes we have been designing and manufacturiNG Brakess for motorbikes. One key element is the safety of a roll. We want to explain to you how they are manufactured.

We begin with a steel sheet (iron+carbon) where with a laser cut or a cast we make the shape the design department have previously expressed according to the discs needs.

Then a thermal treatment begins with the purpose of adjusting the properties the final result is thought for. From there it goes to machining, which is the most important step of all this process, because it will give the final shape of the disc with all its holes, slots, formats and profiles. This process is realised with last-generation machines that give advantages like the high precision of the outlines and the lack of variation in the microstructure of the material, that keeps its mechanical properties.


discos fabricación


The machining machines generate two movements, the main one is the cut or penetration, that erases the material of the piece either cutting, piercing, etc. and the other is the advance movement, that directs the trajectory of the piece while the main movement is carried out.

The next manipulation consists of the correction where very carefully and through abrasion the rests and microbites generated in the previous processes are eliminated. Precisely, and as the name suggests, they’re corrected for the final product to accomplish all the demands it’s been designed for. Simultaneously a severe inspection is realised, where measures, calibres, general look, weight and thickness of the disc are checked in order to fulfil the original plan of the disc itself.

We pass to the laser engraving where all the information needed by the user and the NG Brakes logotype are printed to distinguish the product from the competence.

Finally it’s stored for its posterior sending to our wide network of distributors. All the processes are certified by the ISO9001:2015 by the TÜV with the nº 0.04.04191. This certificate guarantees the quality of our brake discs and the processes of design, manufacture and commercialisation.

All the models released to the market have been tested by teams and competition riders, and thanks to them we add improvements and features that finally benefit you.