Feb 2019

From 2017, in all the European Union ambit the Euro 4 Regulation was implemented. Among other aspects, we value the incorporation of the ABS system that must be carried in all the motorbikes whose displacement is superior to 125 cm3. The motorbikes which are inferior to 125 cm3 will adopt the combined braking system.

With the validity of the Euro 4 regulation, it’s pretended to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide (CO), hydrocarbons (THC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) in the motorbikes and moped park regarding the motorisation systems and their adaptation to anti-polluting protocols.

This regulation doesn’t have retroactive character and the models registered before 2017 are not affected by the Euro 4.

With regard to the anti-lock braking system (ABS) from FEMA (Federación Europea de Asociaciones de Motoristas) have positively valued the new regulation, which is translated to bigger security for the drivers.

How many times we have seen ourselves in a hurry and when strongly pushing the brake the only thing we feel is the ingrate sensation of the blocked wheel sliding to the impact point or making us lose the balance with a fall. The ABS avoids the wheels to be blocked, which allows us to control the braking path. If this is produced in adverse conditions like rain or sliding terrains it can avoid the loss of adherence and save us from falling. Before a danger situation, our instinct takes us to strongly push the brake, an action that if your motorbike has ABS system will make you feel a vibration and jumps, but without abandoning this electronic control pressure it will free the wheels when detecting a possible blocking. The system is composed of a bomb which is integrated to the braking liquids circuits and some sensors that control the wheels turning, the combined action through some electronic parameters is translated to the shortening of the stopping distance and to uniform braking situations.

For the drivers, an accommodation period is required, because in the first moment the sensation we have is that the motorbike doesn’t stop, and even it frees the tension of the wheel and pushes again. Precisely this is our “guardian angel” that avoids the complete blocking of the wheel, that’s why it is convenient to keep pushing in spite of all the inputs that it transmits to us, and this needs an adaptation phase basically in a cognitive level.

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