Mar 2019

Is it possible to improve the braking of a motorbike? The answer is yes.

There are a lot of fans of the two wheels that don’t settle with the motorbike as it comes, they need to make some improvements for its features to be higher than the original ones. Their kind of riding is more sports and that’s why they want their motorbike to respond to their taste, which is translated to a bigger safety and confidence.

The default motorbikes already come perfectly equipped for a standard riding, that is, for the majority of users in determined conditions and within some parameters considered for the weight, the relation power-propulsion of the whole.

But there’s always a public that needs something more, that submits their motorbike to some efforts above the average and because of that, they will change some reference factors.

In this specific case, we’ll analyse the braking system. We recommend that every modification or improvement is done or supervised by a professional expert, the braking system, no need to remark it, is our life insurance and we cannot allow ourselves any mistake.

The change to metal hoses will give us a better tact, reducing the sponginess transmitted by a normal hose as with the liquid pressure its rigid walls attenuate the dilation.

The change to a higher range of pumps and callipers, always taking into account the allowed specifications so we can pass the ITV.

A complete renovation of the brake fluid is also something positive, sometimes we have seen that the simple change of the fluid improves the braking without replacing other components.

The brake pads, another element that can cheer us when changing them for different models from the default ones, were commented in this blog entry.

The brake discs are also an option to consider, as not all the brands are the same, that’s why in our catalogue you will find the ones that correspond to the model of your motorbike, the features being the maximum.

And lastly, a detail that sometimes goes unnoticed and has a big importance when braking. The state and type of fork is a fundamental aspect. Think about it, everything adds up!