Apr 2019

Since 20 years ago, in the Ricardo Tormo Circuit in the Comunitat Valenciana the pilot school Cuna de Campeones is working.

In fact, Cuna de Campeones is much more than a pilot school, it’s the hotbed where the future motorcycling champions come from. Obviously, it’s not an exact science that every student becomes a future champion, but what can be assured is that they will have enough and necessary base to make a future in competition, and then the circumstances and the conditions will draw the path.

The Motorcycling School of Speed Cuna de Campeones is focused on initiation categories with kids from 4 to 8 years old and the evolution with kids from 7 to 12 years old.

The responsible team of the school is composed the following way:

A graduate in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences. A specialist in mental coaching. A specialist technician in initiation. A specialist technician in competition organisation and pilot formation. A specialist technician in evolution. A mechanical technician. A specialist technician in sports counselling. All of them with wide experience, each one in their field and in the competition world.

The sensitivity and the responsibility transmitted when working with this age range highlights a very indicative requisite, among others, to be a part of the student body. Having passed the school and, in case of not having done it, having a justification by the tutor about them working on the resit. In case of not evolving correctly in school, the organisation keeps the right of banning the kid’s continuity in the pilot school.

The Cuna de Campeones championship is formed by different categories that we detail hereunder:

Minimotos. Mini Gp110. Moto 5. Pre Moto 4. European Talent Cup. Moto 3. For all of them, the organisation has established a series of help and grants really interesting.

As always, NG Brakes supports and collaborates with the competition world in all the sports faces and in this case because of being part of piloting, even more. Six world champions that came from Cuna de Campeones have marked the history, and remember these names of the future: David Salvador, Marcos Ruda or Izan Guevara among others that stand out and will stand out in an immediate future.


Tutelados desde la Cuna