May 2019

If our brake discs are dirty, intoxicated in the argot, by lubricants or grease, it’s evident that we have a serious problem. The formed film will make that the effectiveness of the pads pressing the disc is almost void due to the lack of cleaning.

We have to give special attention when putting certain spray lubricants in the areas close to the discs, if for example we are lubricating the chain and we pulverise the braking zone we already have the consequence of intoxicating this area with a completely sliding film. This is translated into the loss of bite of the pads and not braking efficiently with the motorbike.

Believe it or not, these cases happen in the competition world, sometimes the hurry makes that one doesn’t have special care when lubricating and ends up intoxicating the disc.

Nowadays in the market, there’s a series of products that are useful to clean the brake discs. It never hurts to use them after an intervention in the transmission area, chain, pinions or close zone. Normally the workshops already take into account this detail and when they finish they clean them. But if you’re part of the ones that make some maintenance of the motorbike at home you have to take this cleaning into account, you’ll avoid a shock when braking.

We won’t give names of brands, you can ask to your trustworthy mechanical technician, it’s possible that he himself has some reference brand. But if you use Google engine a lot of them will appear, just contrast opinions to choose the most adequate.

There are also some homemade solutions, from water and soap until rubbing sponges, sandpaper and steel brushes. Be careful with these remedies, they’re not always effective and sometimes we can damage the surrounding parts.

Keeping the brake discs clean add an extra of safety to your braking, don’t forget their cleaning, it’s important for you and your motorbike.