May 2019

In the northern hemisphere, we’re about to start the summer season, something that usually raises the motorbike trips. But we have to prepare to face these hot months having special care with some elements that compose our vehicle.

Here we can divide the focus into two variants: how we prepare our motorbike for the daily life these summer months and how we prepare it to face a holiday trip with the motorbike.

In the first case, for daily life, we’ll have special care with the lubrication of the motorbike.

Oils and filters, controlling their level and periodic change, affects its density and environment dirt, pollen, dust, etc. that increases a lot during this time.

Tires, that can dry out with the heat, especially if their useful life is already overpassed. The battery, according to models and brands normally is close to the motor, which increases the heat source adding the environment heat, the equation is simple, overheating.

The cooling liquid, fundamental, we must pay attention to its levels, essential to face the exterior temperature.

In the second variable, the one using the motorbike to travel during the summer holidays, in here we must pay special attention to leave it specially prepared for that trip. It’d be nice to make a checklist of oils and filters, chain lubrication, control of the braking pads, suspensions, tires, lights, lubricants and cooling liquid levels, battery and, of course, those other details to take into account like the complete documentation, safety articles like the reflective vest.

If we have thought of doing a trip for several days or weeks, we need to consider where we will go with our motorbike and the kind of travel we’ll do.

Mountain zones where the temperatures are not extreme, but the contrary, more cold, zones of high temperatures, beaches, towns, etc.

Will we do long travel or we will take it easy doing a trip by steps and frequent stops?

Does our motorbike have luggage, saddlebags or we’ll simply add the bag or suitcase directly on the saddle?

Will we carry a passenger? Trip in a group or alone?

Will we draw a planned route or we’ll let us go by the landscapes and circumstances? It’s basically anticipating the environment and the kind of trip and with all that to prepare ourselves to enjoy the best season to ride a motorbike.