Jul 2019

It’s summer! The best time of the year to ride a motorbike. What a happy face you put when you go next to infinite traffic jams heading to the beach and you are so fresh and with no retentions. With the air in front of you and your best beach look, wearing flipflops and shorts and possibly sleeveless shirts, yes, you and also your partner, this makes the summer and why not participating actively on your motorbike. But NO! You’re playing to have bad holidays.

In this time of the year, the hospitals are full of injured people that with more or less severe abrasions pass daily through their healing boxes. Abrasions that in the 90% of the cases would not be more than fright or an anecdote if they had worn adequate clothes.

In motorbike, you always have to be protected and we repeat it to infinity. Any slip can end up with painful bruises. We take for granted that the helmet besides of being compulsory must accomplish certain features, although in summer the open ones are preferred it’s obvious that one closed will give us this plus of safety upon a fall.

Gloves, essential, must be worn all year, in winter you wear them to protect from the cold but it’s now when they do the security work. Normally in a drop, we put the hands instinctively on the floor and in there the abrasions are usually bad, besides of uncomfortable for our daily life during the healing process, just think in something as usual as having a bath. 

Long-sleeved jacket, currently there are very resistant tissues and with good ventilation useful for hot climates, choose one and avoid added disgusts.

Shoes, obviously they must surround all the feet, be resistant and with a strong sole, on the one hand, it will protect you from a bad drop but it also will give you more strength when putting a foot on the floor unexpectedly or as a part of an improvising manoeuvre.

And finally long pants, same as with the jackets there are fabrics that are not hot and have added protections in the zone of hips and knees.

Every time we see a big amount of motorbikers riding not taking into account something as essential as the clothes we immediately think of the consequences that can have a simple slip through the asphalt and all the summer ruined. Be coherent and dress up adequately, it’s our summer advice. And if you want advice on how to prepare your motorbike for the summer, you can read this blog article.