Jul 2019

We are fully conscious that there are different kinds of motorbike riders. The ones who use the motorbike as a practical medium to move, the ones who appreciate the feeling of freedom when riding them, the ones who… etc. etc. etc. But we also know that there’s a kind that is attracted by the mysticism of certain routes and for the ones that have to spot a place and paradigmatic route is the Route 66 that crosses the United States from east to west or vice versa.

From Chicago until Los Angeles (or backwards, whatever you prefer) crossing nine states through almost 4.000 km. California, Michigan, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Illinois from coast to coast going through the deep America. There’s an infinity of written material about this mythical route, the Route 66, with which to document to prepare such a trip, but what undoubtedly you have to take into account is how and with who you’ll do it.

Our advice is to let agencies organise the trip, as they will orientate you about the stages according to your preset plan. And due to a practical and very obvious effect, if you have a mechanical problem with your motorbike they will fix it helping you to lose as less time as possible, while if you do it by yourself this inconvenients are on your charge of available time. We don’t position ourselves about if a way is better than the other, we simply give you clues about your possibilities, in fact it’s about having fun and let go by these immensities.

The best time of the year is between June and October, the heat punishes us, OK, but it’s also the driest time and the ones we usually ride a motorbike we know that if there is something we hate is precisely the rain falling on us.

The ideal would be to plan this route in fifteen days so you don’t have to make long runs and you can enjoy the picturesque places where we are going without the hurry to reach the end of the stage.

The on-route accommodations, the famous road motels we’ve seen in so many American films is the most authentic option, but it also can vary according to your budget, currently there is a great amount of options to cover this face, the anticipation and the planification can be advisable depending on the time, there are some dates in which you can have some availability issues in certain accommodations.

To eat there won’t be any problem, you don’t have to worry about that, except if you diet is vegan or gluten-free. You know that, in these places, it can be difficult to find restaurants with menus offering these possibilities, but talking to them there won’t be problems to offer you healthy solutions.

And our general budget? We give you clues, accommodation in motels between 40 and 60 euros per night, if you opt for Airbnb you could reduce these prices.

Meals between 30 and 50 euros per person and day, in here we count breakfast, lunch, dinner, and some snacks between meals. It also depends on if your accommodation includes breakfast or if you go to supermarkets where there is a big variety of prepared dishes. The gas is other point to consider, the litre of gasoline costs around 0,83 dollars, approximately 0,75€, and keep in mind that the dispensers are charged per gallon which equals 1 gallon = 3.8 litres. 

On this base you have to add, motorbike rent or agreed expedition, insurance costs, transfers, laundry, ESTA, gifts, etc.

And, above all, don’t skip this interesting and picturesque spots:

Hackberry General Store in Arizona, as if it was the museum of this route, gasoline posts, billboards, rusty cars, definitely the essence of what this route was.

Gemini Giant in Illinois, a 9-metre geek doll in homage to the NASA’s Gemini project.

The first McDonald’s in the world is placed in San Bernardino, close to Los Angeles.

Cadillacs Ranch in Amarillo, Texas. A “sculpture” of buried Cadillacs and painted for those who dare, considering that doing a graffiti is against the law in this state.

The Twin Arrows in Arizona, another geek touch in this route.

But if we talk about bars you can’t miss the Elbow Inn Bar in Missouri, maybe the temple of Harley’s.

The Jack Rabbit Trading Post, the bridges you cross, the signals that indicate the route, everything is part of the show that you’ll find across this magnificent Route 66.

Draw your Route 66 and enjoy the landscape, we’ll wait here for you to come back.