Sep 2019

Even if you live in a kind zone to ride a motorbike during practically the whole year, we’re conscious that there’s a big number of riders that store the motorbike because of the climate severity until next year when the spring and the summer come back.

That’s why, when this summer period is about to end, we give you some advice on what details you must consider when hibernating your motorbike so the return to the circulation, after all this time, is almost perfect.

First of all, you have to carry out a deep cleansing, in detail, without leaving any spot or corner. All the elements, both metal and plastic, must be consciously checked. Once it’s clean and dry, we’ll proceed by steps. A protective wax layer for plastics will make that the paint doesn’t get dry or lose its shining. All the screws and edges can be smeared with a little bit of vaseline, simply putting a small amount in a finger and rubbing it on them. We’ll create a soft protective layer that isolates from humidity and protects from possible oxidation. The seat, if it’s made of leather or similar, can be treated with horse grease, this product is sold in any shoe shop, and it can be used to polish the boots and the leather jacket that you’ll probably not use during this impasse.

The chain must remain completely clean, no grease on it, once it’s clean it has to be lubricated correctly so the protective film works as a shield with the climate conditions of the parking or the ship where you leave it.

Disconnect the battery or even take it out, smear the terminals with a layer of vaseline. Unscrew and remove the spark plugs (if it’s the case).

Leave some fuel in the tank adding a stabilizer. There’s a huge variety of stabilizing additives which are very important for the maintenance because the sediments and substances that the fuel leaves when getting old are extremely harmful to the carburettor and the injectors.

If it is possible, you should put your motorbike on easels so the tires don’t stay in touch with the ground, avoiding them to warp. If that’s not possible put a piece of wood or thick carton under it so it’s not right on the cement.

We advise you to change the oil and the filters, as you’ll avoid the used oil to generate impurities.

Make a little rebound effect to the front forks, it will activate the liquid, and rush a little bit of oil on the tubes and the retaining rubbers.

Check the antifreeze system and don’t let it empty.

Last but not least, if you decide to cover it, we advise you to use a transpirable cover, like this you’ll avoid condensation and a humid environment suitable for rust.

Contrary on what you may think, starting the engine during short periods of time in the hibernation is more bad than good. This brief heating produces condensations that force you to clean everything again, so it’s better not to do it.  

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