Nov 2019

One more year NG Brakes was present in Eicma 2019, the most important motorcycling fair in the world. Between the 5th and the 10th of November the appointment with all the universe of the two wheels took place.

The first two days were dedicated exclusively to the professionals of the sector, news for the press and media, presentation of products and specially contact between entrepreneurs from different countries.

The fair certamen thinks that, besides of the spectacle that represents on a global scale, with all the 2020 advances, it’s the best shot to unify business criteria regarding the motorbike. The professional contacts during the show are the ones that will mark the calendar for the rest of the year and the next one for manufacturers and distributors.

NG Brakes presented a spectacular stand, a delicate design highlighting the corporate colors of its brand and exposing a series of last-generation discs with major technical news for the efficiency and safety when braking.

The wide acumulated experience in the competition world, reflected in the stand with images of the Moto GP World Championship, the Motocross MX2 Championship and a huge background mural with a picture of a brake disc of our factory allows us to state that our brake discs are one of the best in a sector where there’s a lot of competition and no specialists like us.

During the open days for the general public there were a lot of consults about the braking system for ABS, product that we manufacture with the best technification of the market and that covers almost all the existing models of motorbikes that are currently in the street. You can check yours introducing the brand, model and year of your motorbike in our online catalog to see all the features that correspond.

The demonstrated suitability by our discs endorse all the effort and hard work that our technical team and factory professionals put in each and every one of the brake discs that are sold with our brand.