Dec 2019

In this article we’ll explain to you how to change the brake discs of your motorbike, a relatively simple task but that we advise to delegate to a mechanics professional.

But if you’re one of the ones who dare to get your hands on it and you’re skilled we’ll tell you how to do it on a safe way.

First of all, we have to take into account something: when must we change the discs? In this other entry of our blog we give you details about it.

The reasons for a disc change can be very different, from the wish of improving the braking until the advised by the manufacturer according to the end of their lifespan.

We emphasize the idea of leaving it to a professional mechanic because, besides of their experience, they have the tools and the space for it, which reduces the time and the effort, and adds a plus of security.

In case of doing it yourself, the first thing we have to consider is having an adequate place with enough space to work comfortably and safely. Regarding the tools, you must have some sockets and keys according to the screws you are manipulating. Allen-type wrenches and very advisable a screw-adjuster sealing.

First we’ll proceed to remove the brake caliper, loosen the screws with the fixed wrench and pull back. Caution! Don’t touch the brake handles, avoid them to close. For safety reasons you can put a clothing peg or something between both braking pads. Take the chance to see how the pads are, our advice is to change them with the new disc, but it’s on you.

Proceed to loosen the screws that hold the wheel to the fork, normally they’re very close, if you have 3-in-1 oil or similar we recommend you to use it. In here, the wrench is important.

Raise the motorbike, with the stand or any mechanical elevator, the important thing is to let the wheel turn freely, as we have to completely remove it.

Then, with the wheel on the floor, we have the brake disc on top, we proceed to take the disc out with the Allen wrench, in here we also need to use the screw loosener to ease the process. You make the change for the new unit as it follows:

To mount the new disc you have to pay attention to the way of adjusting the screws, the one you’ll have previously lubricated with sealer, specially to avoid vibrations you have to do it on cross, adjusting the opposed to the first, and so on.

The final tightening should be done with a dynamometric wrench to not overstep, but in case of not having one, just do it carefully and firmly.

Once we’ve replaced the disc for a NG Brake 😉 in the correspondent model for your motorbike, as a last step we mount the wheel and the caliper and… work’s done!