Dec 2019

Many lucky people begin the year the best way, giving themselves a treat. A new motorbike is waiting to be used. A decision that needs some rational and emotional study. Which one is more important? That’s on you.

But no matter what the incentive, it’s always good to follow some behaviour patterns when facing this purchase, that can help us to save some money that we can use to buy some accessories or clothing that we hadn’t thought of at first.

If we talk about seasons, it’s always been said that at the end of one year or the first days of the new one tend to be the best for a purchase. This is not actually proven. Maybe the fact that the northern hemisphere is in the middle of the winter and obviously the use of the motorbike is reduced can influence the market with offers.

We think it’s more this fact than the date, except if you want to draw your income and egresses for the Treasury. Some years ago December raised the consumption because workers received the Christmas bonus, but now many of them receive it apportioned during the year.

Another good time is to track the different selling points to chase some accumulated stock. Sometimes the dealership is forced to buy a certain amount of units, either because of brand policy or to have some discount bonus. This motivates some units that are still for sale are accounted immediately and the best way to do it is with a very attractive price in front of the real interest of the future buyer.

Also if you’re an expert in following the news you can check which models will lose visibility because a new one is about to be released, and if you don’t care about this detail, you can take advantage of this to negotiate an extra discount.

But you must not forget one premise, the owner of a commercial establishment manages it to have benefits, so don’t pretend it’s them who assume your caprice. There are limits that they will not trespass and you must be conscious of their role, don’t get angry or pretend they assume some unrealistic discount, think about all that it takes to run a selling point. Empathise and give yourself a treat, buy a new motorbike.