Jan 2020

Although the title sounds pretentious, it is not our intention to boast of having the magic formula to avoid a motorcycle crash. In fact, nobody has it. That is why we place special emphasis on the two words that we must repeat each time we ride a motorcycle: Sanity and common sense. From here, and putting into practice a series of tricks, it is possible to transform a safe fall into a fright without major consequences.

It is obvious that there are external factors that condition this variable and no matter how much we anticipate our action, sometimes we depend on the other party: whether it is a vehicle, obstacle or simply the environmental conditions of the moment.

When we drive a motorcycle, we become vulnerable individuals. Therefore, we must alert our senses. Sight and hearing are our two most immediate allies, and we add another that is more psychological than physical: ability to intuit. The practice and experience in circulation helps us to develop this ability without the intervention of reason.

How many times have we commented that driving is the sum of expertise and intuition? Often. And, on a daily basis, for those of us who ride a motorcycle, it is proven. Think of all the times that the car in front of you does not turn on the turn signal and turns without warning. However, we are able to avoid the collision by pure clairvoyance.

We would like to start by advising that if the fall is by sliding, we must maintain a certain body tension: try to bring the arms towards the chest in position and the chin attached to the chest. If the fall is with escape space: the feet ahead and stretched.

Contrary to what we can think, shrinking and relaxing can be counterproductive. It is only necessary to see the pilots when they have a fall in the middle of a circuit. Most injuries occur when the body spins uncontrollably and hits one side and the other every time it hits the ground.

Another important detail is to release the motorcycle, not to hold on to the handlebars. Do not forget that it is a dead weight in inertia that can hit you with very bad consequences.

In a fall in which we fly out in front of the handlebars or, as it is known in the jargon, “by the ears”, we must also maintain body tension and act as if it were a spring. Here it is difficult to predict what will happen because we cannot control the turn we are going to take and the distance where we will land. As far as possible and depending on the circumstances, in this case it is advisable not to release the handlebars until the trajectory is controlled. Although we know that it is very easy to say, since being able to react at the time of disassembly is something else.

The other types of falls are very difficult to predict at the body level. The impact against an obstacle, the collision we receive from behind, the bump that we can receive from another vehicle or the run over of an animal… these are circumstances that we do not want. The reaction will depend primarily on our concentration and panic control when they occur.

To minimize these consequences, the equipment is essential: a homologated integral helmet and footwear, added to the appropriate protective clothing, contribute to reducing burns and bruises.

If you review our blog, in the advice section we explain a lot of guidelines on driving, maintenance and clothing that will help you get informed and, why not, reduce the chances of falling.