Apr 2020

Attention! There are signs to which we must pay special attention. We are not referring to those of traffic and circulation, or the lights that light up on the control panel, we are referring to those sensations that we perceive and that are not the usual ones when you ride your motorcycle and that may pose a problem with the brakes.

We do not tire of repeating that when it comes to the braking system, the alert tension must be even higher, any perception of irregularity must be reviewed.

Our first advice is that, whether the bike is new or if we have changed the pad and / or disc system, we must make a good break in of the brakes, avoiding abruptness and overheating during the first 200 kilometers.

A normal squeal when braking can be the origin of intoxicated brake pads, which for some reason have come into contact with grease or oil, form a film and cover the porosity necessary to grip the disc. This results in ineffective braking, something that is not recommended in rush situations and can give us more than a scare. This problem can also be accompanied by a hard brake feel, a symptom of the problem with the brakes that we have just explained to you.

This grinding, if it is more strident, can be caused by a friction between the pad and the disc by some external element or dirt, which also wears the disc, reducing its thickness. Remember that the discs expire at a Min TH that we explain here.

Another detail to take into account is vibrations when we manage the braking process, it can be an obvious symptom of disc warping or it can also be a problem of wheel bearings, even poorly balanced wheel.

If we perceive a spongy touch when pressing the brake pedal instead, the causes can be many. Air in the hydraulic system, brake fluid condition due to excess moisture or the brake caliper.

The revision and tuning of the braking system is the main safety measure that we must guarantee on our motorcycle, without forgetting the condition of the tires. Your safety is our commitment, braking is part of the fun, don’t make it a nightmare.