Apr 2020

This article is not intended to be a technical driving manual for off-road bikes, but it can become a general reminder of details to keep in mind every time we take our enduro or trail bike and venture onto off-road tracks and ravines.

Before leaving we must take the time necessary for a review of our motorcycle. Check the air pressure of the tires and their general condition. It is necessary to check that we carry enough fuel and with a safety margin to make the excursion taking into account possible unforeseen events. If we have to stop to refuel on the way to the route, especially do not forget to do it. It would not be the first time that with the excitement of the excursion we forgot it and in the best case, we have to go back to find the nearest gas station.

Bring a small tool kit to deal with a breakdown. A multifunction tool, cable ties, tape, a special wrench or any other utensil that can save us from trouble.

Although now it is practically impossible, it is important not to forget the mobile phone. Make sure to take it with the battery charge to the maximum and if possible with some help application in case of an accident.

Of all these aspects, there is one that is advisable and prudent on your part: never go out alone. In addition to the extra security and tranquility that a partner or several gives you, it is much more fun.

Regarding off-road driving, the tips are aimed at a leisure outing, with enough adrenaline to have fun. To off-road competition, there are other very complete technical articles that can give you more detailed information.

Control drifts: if we are facing a long curve, the best way is to fix your eyes on the end of it and gradually accelerate. If we want to maintain a high passing speed, we should not rush the braking. We foresee the entrance by graduating the gas and we do it, if possible, standing, taking out the inner foot to balance and sitting down halfway. In this way, we add weight in the rear train and then join the tank when accelerating at the start. By transmitting our weight to the front wheel, we get grip and control at the same time. When we take the foot out to accompany the line, we should not extend it 100% and leave the knee stiff. The correct posture is a slight flexion of it to absorb and cushion.

Overcoming the steps and slopes is a matter of safety, technique, balance and courage. Each one administers it according to their criteria and ability.

If we have the bad luck of falling downhill, in other words, that we are going ahead jumping from the saddle, we must try to hold on to the handlebars, tightening the clutch and preventing the body of the motorcycle from reaching us like a whip. You have to exert a downward force movement with the intention of supporting the bike on the ground. This way we prevent it from rolling downhill.

When we finish our excursion, we can go through an express wash. In this way, with the pressurized water jet we remove the superficial dirt, and then, at home, we do the details and the maintenance: chain lubrication, liquid checking, etc.

And don’t forget to check the brake system, discs, calipers and pads in addition to the hoses.