May 2020

Although it is not very usual to see a motorbike pulling a trailer on our roads and cities, the option is valid but with particularities. If you have ever traveled the American continent you will have seen beautiful Hondas Gold Wings, already powerful in sight, dragging a magnificent trailer that can be even a mini caravan or roulotte.

We have mentioned a certain brand and model, but there are many other brands that we can find on our way and at least they will provoke a smile of envy poorly disguised.

Here in Spain, although not in the rest of Europe, the regulations are contradictory. On the one hand, the specificities in this regard are perfectly established, since the Law on traffic, movement of motor vehicles and road safety says:

Article 12. Rules related to cycles, mopeds and motorcycles.

4. Motorcycles, three-wheeled vehicles, mopeds and cycles and bicycles may tow a trailer or semi-trailer, provided that they do not exceed 50 per cent of the unladen mass of the towing vehicle and the following conditions are met:

a) That the circulation is during the day and in conditions that do not reduce visibility.

b) That the speed at which it circulates under these conditions is reduced by 10 percent with respect to the generic speeds established for these vehicles in article 48.

c) That in no case are people transported in the towed vehicle.

In urban circulation, the provisions of the corresponding ordinances will be followed.

But, and here comes a big inconsistency, it is not possible to install an approved hitch. We are involved in a dispute between manufacturers and ITV technical inspection engineers who do not agree on this point. Although we have read articles that suggests the possibility of doing so, reality shows us that it is either practically impossible or it is directly denied. If you have any experience to tell us or rebut us on this subject, do not hesitate to write us.