Jun 2020

The vast majority of motorcycle riders have had to drive at night, even if it is a short trip and for a specific reason, but we have. A tense moment to which we may not give importance but which has a high component of danger if we do not take the appropriate measures.

At night and on the road, visual acuity is reduced to almost 70%. If you add to this natural decline your vision problems (short or long range) imagine the negative equation that can result. For this and other reasons we advise you to take into account the details that we will explain below to drive at night.

If possible, your clothing should contain reflective elements. Also your helmet, suitcases, saddlebags or additional elements that you add to your motorcycle. Believe it or not, these approved adhesive or stitched strips increase your visibility by several hundred meters when you drive at night.

On the other hand, the optical system of your motorcycle must be in perfect condition. Periodically check the operation and height of the headlights. Motorcycles and mopeds must have a red non-triangular rear retro-reflector. If it is a light, in the median longitudinal plane of the vehicle, and if they are two lights, they must be symmetrical to the median longitudinal plane of the vehicle.

We usually wear a slightly dark or smoked helmet visor. It is evident that the more transparent it is, the clearer our vision is. In the market there are interchangeable visors that it never hurts to carry in your backpack if you drive at night.

In reference to driving we must take extreme precautions. Now more than ever, maintaining the safety distance is essential, avoiding blind spots when passing and keeping calm in the face of glare.

In case of being dazzled by the lights of another vehicle, we must not make sudden evasion maneuvers or release the handlebar to place our hand as a visor. Highway lines or side beacons can help us stay on course, but previously we must slow down.

And above all remember that you must make more frequent stops. Driving at night increases fatigue. As we always remember, the safest way to ride a motorcycle is to do it with common sense.