Aug 2020

One of the most tense moments a motorcyclist faces is the loss of control of his motorcycle due to a sudden puncture, an unforeseen loss of air (pressure) or an unforeseeable tyre blow-out.

If we have enough time to act in the face of any of these setbacks, regardless of its severity, it must be clear that we need to keep a large dose of cold blood.

Unfortunately, many serious fall accidents are caused for this reason. It’s not what we expect will happen to us while we circulate and especially if this happens on the highway. If it happens to us in the open field, it’s something acceptable within the possibilities of the terrain, but on a road that (apparently) is in perfect condition, it’s something unexpected.

In this case, the first thing we must do is not lose our nerves, firmly grasp the handlebar, keep the bike as straight as possible and progressively slow down.

If possible, be extremely gentle with the brake and, of course, with the wheel that is not damaged. Also, if the motorcycle comes with a linked brake system, you should brake very smoothly.

Another important detail is to try not to downshift. It’s evident that such a sudden change in speed and clutch/engine braking can lead to a lack of control of the motorcycle.

Once that first moment is controlled, we must move away from the traffic little by little, without pronounced maneuvers, and leave the asphalt almost at the last moment. The balance on the pavement is already very unstable, so imagine stepping on the ground… Depending on the speed, we may not be able to bear such an imbalance.

The best advice we can give you to avoid a puncture is to continually check the tire pressure. It’s important to inflate them as recommended by the manufacturer and depending on the weight supported. A tire with low pressure sticks more aggressive elements of the road and can even slip with even more dire consequences. In addition, the higher friction index raises the temperature and if it’s not in very good condition it can even cause it to burst.

Once the situation is controlled, we will proceed accordingly with the breakdown, but we will explain that to you in another article…