Sep 2020

Scrambler. How many times have you heard about them but were not clear on the concept? If we talk about modified motorcycles, scramblers are the ones that best represent this movement. For starters, the term translated in everyday slang already gives you an idea: “scrambled”. That means that someone came up with the idea of ​​adapting a certain motorcycle model, transforming it according to their interests and achieving what they were looking for. Although the origin dates back to the Second World War, it is during the 50’s/60’s, with the rise of the Café Racer, where it acquires relevance.

The biggest boom was in England in the late 50’s and 60’s, where the thirst for victory in those bar races led some to cross country, and for that it was necessary to modify the bikes, so that they could overcome any obstacle in the terrain.

At the same time, in the USA, specifically in California, this movement is also appearing and many modified motorbikes for off-road riding are emerging.

But, specifically, what does a motorbike scrambler consist of? Something simple, hard and efficient. A motorbike that can withstand the harsh conditions of off-road riding but can also be driven on the road and in the city. And it really has done it. Today, a state-of-the-art scrambler bike has achieved that commitment to a high level of fun and safety.

In the beginning, Norton chassis were the best to transform, and combined with the 649cc Triumph Twin engines, they formed the basis chosen to have a winning bike.

The scramblers had to be very simple and lightweight bikes. To this end, the modifications were aimed at dispensing with everything that was unnecessary. A reduced fuel tank, wheels with cleats, wide handlebars for better manoeuvrability and comfort, the raised exhaust pipe to avoid hitting stones and logs and, of course, the mudguards not attached to the wheel to avoid mud accumulation between the wheel and the cleats.

Another detail is the seat: comfortable and soft. Your back will appreciate it. And as a final aesthetic detail, the number plate. A classic that gives it its touch of apparent competitiveness.

Of today’s motorbikes, the Ducati Scrambler has stolen our hearts, but brands like BMW, Triumph, Yamaha, Harley Davidson and many more have very significant models in this section. Although the real scrambler has to “be born from another and be transformed” as the word itself indicates.