Oct 2020

The mounting of wide tires on some types of motorcycles is an aesthetic change that enhances the lines and gives the bike a very balanced poise, transmitting a visual strength that makes many heads turn when passing.

But is all the change that wide tires bring us aesthetic, or does it bring other factors that will benefit us when riding?

The first thing we must take into account is what the General Vehicle Regulations say about these changes, and for that, we have to consult the bike’s technical sheet. If you stick to the RGV indications you will not have problems to pass the ITV.

The data sheet indicates the appropriate measurements for that brand and model of motorcycle, and leaves the specification open with a “Type Approval Included Options”.

An equivalent tire must comply with the following parameters according to the BOE and Royal Decree 2822/1998.

  • Load capacity index equal to or greater than the minimums indicated on the MOT card or in its type approval.
  • Speed category equal to or greater than the minimums indicated on the MOT card or in its type approval.
  • That the mounting rim profile is the one corresponding to the tyre.
  • The same external diameter, with a tolerance of ± 3%.

Wider tires can help us with driving, stability and grip. 

By increasing the surface area in contact with the ground with wide tires, we improve initial acceleration. In addition, the bike absorbs irregularities, shocks and vibrations from the ground much better. This gives us a plus of stability as the speed increases and transmits us greater security on the wet asphalt, although at this point, the type of tyre tread is essential. In the curves, that extra helps us to keep the alignment with the front wheel, which allows us to trace better the turning angle.

Among its disadvantages we can highlight two: a greater wear, since the contact area is larger, and an increase in fuel consumption due to friction, although this decreases at a higher speed.

These are two minor aspects in relation to the advantages and how much it can add up to make your bike catch the attention of passers-by.