Jul 2021

In many technical articles we have always described the brake system as a combination of elements that make your motorcycle stop effectively. In addition to the levers, the pedal, the pistons, tha pads and, of course, the brake discs, there is a component that most part of the time we don’t pay attention to even that it is fundamental for braking. We are talking about the brake hoses.

Brake hoses or lines are tubes or hose-like pipes similar to cables. They connect the handlebar levers to the brake pads located in the caliper on either sides of the brake discs. The brake fluid flows through them and is pumped by the levers on the handlebars to reach the calipers. This way it makes the brake pads move and rub against the brake discs, making the bike brake.

On almost all models of motorbikes, except some high-performance ones, the brake hoses are made of rubber. This material is more susceptible to damage when exposed to high temperatures, weathering, friction, etc. For this reason, many users choose to replace them with metal hoses. These hoses are usually made of an alloy of stainless steel and aluminium.

Replacing the standard brake hoses with this type of hose provides a significant direct improvement in aspects such as feel and precision, as well as being able to maintain the maximum performance of the whole system as the temperature rises, thanks to its significantly lower coefficient of expansion compared to the standard hoses.

If this modification is made by a specialised workshop, as well as being quick and advisable (it is a safety issue, don’t forget it), you won’t have to worry about this point. If you are an amateur who intends to make this change, think that if your bike has only one brake disc, you will need one brake line, if you have two brake discs, two brake lines and if you have two brake discs and you want to use a distributor, you will need three brake hoses.

There is a wide variety of brands, prices and colours for this product on the market. It’s not a determining factor for most riders, but if you are one of those who like to ride a bit sportier and more demanding, the use of metal hoses is almost a must. A small investment that means a considerable improvement in braking.