Jul 2021

If you see a small bell hanging from a motorcycle it will surely catch your attention. If you have already seen it and you are curious or even want to get one, you need to know its history and the tradition to follow to get one and show it off on your bike. Behind this symbol there is a story that could be myth or reality. We will explain you the legend of the Guardian Bell or Gremlins Bell.

A few years ago, a motorcyclist, traveling through a remote area of Mexico, had an accident in the middle of the night. In his saddlebags he was carrying a small bell that was given to him as a thank you for his work in a children’s shelter. Alone, and in the middle of absolute darkness, he began to shake it. Fortunately, other bikers camped in the area heard it and followed the sound until they found him.

The legend is adorned with goblins, gremlins and other fantastic creatures, precise details of distances and facts, but we leave you with the essence of the legend that will help to perpetuate the story with a possible reality.

This bell has the spiritual significance of protecting you from evil goblins on the road, but it only acquires that value if it’s someone else who gives it to you. It indicates that they care about you and demonstrates the emotional value you represent to that person.

Guardian Bells or Gremlins Bells come in many shapes and materials, but it’s said that the real one should be made of bronze for two reasons. Firstly, because of its sound, and secondly, because this material, when exposed to the elements, acquires a dark tone, so that when you clean and polish your bike, by rubbing the bell you are remembering the person who gave it to you.

Another important detail is to hang it as low as possible and, if possible, on the left side of the fork of the bike. In this way, you’ll scare away those “goblins” that do nothing but look for trouble on your way.

Myths, legends, cabals… that’s up to you. But if someone very important to you does not have one, giving them a guardian bell can be a great expression of appreciation for that person.