Aug 2021
viaje en moto

Step by step, we are starting to make plans again. Some of us are thinking of closer routes, while others, more optimistic, are looking for greater adventures in terms of distance and duration. In any case, when we organise a motorbike trip of medium or long duration, we must plan some aspects that will make our trip easier.

We can divide the organisation of our next motorbike trip into three main columns.


  • A prior check and tune-up of our motorbike will give us some peace of mind to face the trip.
  • Thorough check of safety equipment. Reflective waistcoat and warning beacon or triangle.
  • Tool kit for emergencies. The set of tools that the motorbike comes with as standard should not be missing. In addition, it can be complemented with multifunction tools that save weight and space.
  • Basic and essential spare parts. If the planned route is through places where it’s very difficult to stock up on essential parts, we must foresee which may be more likely to wear out or break and carry them in our panniers and bags. It’s always preferable to “walk” these parts and not have to use them, than to be stranded in the middle of nowhere for lack of them.
  • Distribute all luggage evenly around the bike. The stability of the bike is essential for your safety.


  • Plan the route in advance, calculate stops, refuelling, places to sleep, walks, etc. This way, you can add improvisations out of the programme, but with good planning you will enjoy the trip more intensely.
  • The weather forecast is another detail to take into account. Use local statistics and weather information well in advance. This will help you avoid unwanted setbacks.


  • Protective clothing suitable for the season in which we will be travelling and adapted to the area we will be driving through. The multi-layer solution will give us enough elasticity so that with little clothing we can adapt to a wider range of temperatures. 
  • Helmet and intercoms if you are travelling in company. Check the charge of the intercoms beforehand and test them before the trip. As for the helmet, you should check all the fastening mechanisms, visors and interior padding.

With these few tips you can start preparing for your next motorbike trip. Above all, as we always repeat, use your common sense when riding

Have a good trip!