Sep 2021
Sensaciones en un circuito urbano

Being a road race driver is like belonging to a special category, an Olympus that only a few dare to try but at the same time everyone would like to be part of. 

Raül Torras, with the 49 on his fairing, is one of those crazy and brave riders that the adrenaline generated by participating in this modality has him totally hooked.

Raül currently rides the Honda CBR 1000 RR-R of the Toll Racing Team and in his last race at the Chimay Street Circuit in Belgium he explained to us the details of how to ride and brake such a bike on this type of street circuit.

What is the difference between riding on a permanent circuit and on a road race? 

Above all, the “safety margin”. Crashing in a road race can be the last thing you do, or have serious consequences. So be cautious and take it one step at a time. Keep calm, be cool and stay focused.

Tell us briefly about your braking process when facing the curves in a road race. How many metres earlier do you start braking compared to the same type of race on a permanent circuit? (I understand that the fear/crash/safety factor makes you take other precautions, or not).

Because you have to be a bit more cautious and leave a small safety margin, you brake a bit earlier and with the bike as upright as possible. Due to the lack of grip on street and road surfaces (compared to circuits), together with the unevenness of the surfaces (dirt, paint, patches, etc), it’s safer not to reach the apex at maximum lean, even when braking. It would be very easy to lose the wheel and fall. It’s important to have good braking feel and precision.

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