Nov 2021
NG Race Star

As we already announced a few weeks ago, this year we have the pleasure to be part of EICMA 2021, where we present in exclusive the new range of premium brake discs that we have been working on for a long time: the new NG Race Star.

NG Race Star: the best braking performance on street and racetrack

The new premium NG Race Star brake discs are available in exclusive for SuperSport and Superbike models. If you have one of these bikes, you can now ride with this new premium range that provides the best braking, both on the street and on the racetrack.

All Race Star brake discs have an aluminium center, which reduces their weight considerably. You can also see that they are mounted with the new hard anodized finished bolts that are already present in all our discs. The difference is in the assembly too, which includes new race-tested washers that give the disc more floatability.


Developed in competition and now also available as a spare part for your bike

In terms of design, the new NG Race Star discs stand out from other discs both in terms of the colour of the braking surface and the orientation of the ventilation holes.

The colour of the track is due to a special heat treatment that gives this characteristic iridescence on the steel that will make your bike stand out from the rest. In addition, you can also see that the ventilation holes are not perpendicular to the surface but obliquely, and they are arranged in sets of three in each direction. This feature provides better ventilation of the disc and, combined with the specialised heat treatment, prevents the material from reaching too high temperatures that could lead to the deformation of the disc.

In the following video of our Youtube channel, our colleague Anna shows one of the new NG Race Star brake discs and explains all its technical features. Don’t miss it!