Dec 2021

Motorbikes with a sidecar became popular in the 1950s because of their practicality of being able to add an extra passenger to the bike. Today, although their use has decreased to near extinction, it is still possible to add a sidecar to your bike and ride with it. However, it is not that easy. To be able to ride a motorbike with a sidecar, you need a special licence.

Today, the distribution of motorbikes with sidecars is very limited

Motorbikes with sidecars are nowadays considered more of a collector’s item or an object for classic car enthusiasts. The main feature of these motoring gems is their side or rear seat supported by a wheel. They are considered three-wheeled motorbikes and can carry more passengers. In the 1920s they became iconic thanks to their innovative design, but today it is almost impossible to see one in circulation.

What licence do I need to drive a motorbike with a sidecar?

There are three types of motorbike licences in Spain: A1, A2 and A. The type A licence (which you can get from the age of 20) allows you to drive any type of motorbike regardless of its power, engine capacity or other related factors. These related factors include the use of motorbikes with a sidecar.

With the A1 and A2 licences, there are no specific restrictions preventing the driving of motorbikes with sidecars. However, motorbikes must comply with the technical characteristics specified for each licence. For A1, maximum cylinder capacity of 125cc and maximum power of 11kW. In the case of motor tricycles, they cannot exceed 15kW. For A2, maximum power is 35kW, and the power to weight ratio must be up to 0.2kW/kg.

In the case of licence B, if you have had your licence for more than three years, you can drive motorbikes that meet the A1 requirements.

Tips for riding a motorbike with sidecar

You should bear in mind that the feeling of riding a conventional motorbike and one with a sidecar is very different. With the second one, you have to adapt to the new weight distribution, gravity, the way the wind affects the stability of the vehicle…

If you are travelling with more than one person, the occupant of the sidecar should always be the heaviest person in order to maintain balance and the distribution of gravity. Oh, and remember that the occupant must be over 7 years of age.

Above all, as we always say, common sense and safety must always come first.