Jan 2022
Consejos para conducir una moto por primera vez

More and more people are opting for mobility on two wheels, especially in urban areas. Whether it’s to improve your mobility or simply to enjoy the experience of riding a motorbike, you’ll need to consider these tips and recommendations for riding a motorbike for the first time as safe and smooth as possible.

Be careful first and foremost

Riding a motorbike for the first time is undoubtedly a unique sensation, but you should bear in mind that the motorcyclist is a vulnerable user, just as cyclists and pedestrians are. In the event of an accident they often bear the brunt. For this reason, you should ride your motorbike with caution, never be overconfident and anticipate the movements of other vehicles. Respecting the rules of the road is very important for a safe experience.

Appropriate equipment

Motorcyclists’ clothing is essential, as it protects you and helps to reduce injuries in the event of an accident. The main safety item is the helmet, but it’s not the only one. Gloves, boots, jacket and trousers are also important. Take into account the weather conditions depending on the season and adapt your clothing accordingly. When choosing a helmet, don’t be fooled by fakes and check that it carries the ECE homologation label.

Responsible riding

In addition to respecting the rules of the road, one of the most important tips for riding a motorbike for the first time is to ride preventively. Always stay alert and it will be easier for you to anticipate the movements of other road users. In particular, you should pay close attention to your surroundings before turning or changing lanes, not only by looking at your mirrors, but also by turning your head to prevent blind spots in the rear-view mirror.

Above all, remember that the experience of riding your motorbike will come to you gradually. Gain confidence, improve your technique and skills as a rider and you will enjoy a 100% safe experience on your bike.