Apr 2022
primavera en carretera

With the arrival of spring, warmer temperatures and more pleasant weather, going out on your motorbike is once again becoming more appealing after a few months of cold, rain and darkness. Whether you’re looking forward to kitting up for a bike trip or you’ve already done so, let us give you some tips and advice to make your ride this spring as comfortable and safe as possible.

Check the maintenance status of your motorbike

Many people leave their bikes parked during the colder seasons of the year, so it’s important that now the good weather arrives and we feel like riding again, we are aware that it may not be in the same condition as when we last took it.

In addition, if you are planning a route on mountain roads, it is essential that you check the tyres, brakes, chain and suspensions, as these are the elements that suffer most and we must always have them ready for a safe ride.

Motorcyclist equipment is important

This is not the first time we say that the rider’s clothing on any kind of route or trip is one of the most important elements to take into account. In spring, it’s necessary that you equip yourself according to the route you are going to do, as a short trip through the city is not the same as a route on the road.

As for the only compulsory item, which is the helmet, remember that it must always be your size and correctly fastened, and it must also be homologated. As for the rest of the clothing, for longer rides, it’s advisable to wear special motorbike trousers and jacket. In addition, we also recommend that you travel with back, shoulder and elbow protection, as well as specific boots and gloves.

Focus on the road and adapt your speed

Avoid absent-mindedness and stay alert all the time. On winding roads, inattention can lead to increased risk. Be especially careful on curves with reduced visibility and adapt your speed to the general road conditions.