Aug 2022

The time has come. After countless early mornings, bad weather and months of work that prevented us from enjoying our motorcycles… the best time of the year is here! The holidays are just around the corner and at NG BRAKE DISC we want you to make the most of them. For that reason, we’re proposing 6 spectacular summer destinations, both national and international, so you can make the most of your passion in the best time of the year. Which one will you choose?

Route around Granada

We are going to the South, to Andalusia. If you don’t mind the heat, or you’re a fan of it, this route is perfect for you. Our recommendation is that you start and finish in the city of Granada. Enjoy the city, one of the jewels of Spain, its streets and its people, and then get on your bike. From there, head towards the Sierra Nevada Natural Park and soak up the beauty of its landscapes. There are many wonderful areas and beautiful villages around here, perfect for stopping and taking in the scenery. You can go around the park or go through it before returning through the Sierra de Huétor Natural Park.

Route through the Gorges of the Duratón River

Perhaps you’re thinking of an outing to escape from the heat and stress of the big city, or to discover new and surprising sumer destinations. We recommend you give Castile-León, one of Spain’s forgotten regions, a chance, and enjoy Segovia in particular. If you start from Madrid, you can follow the following route: Torrelaguna > El Berrueco > Prádena del Rincón > La Hiruela > Soto de Sepúlveda > Sebúlcor > Pedraza > Puerto de Navafría. If you prefer to start from another place, you only have to take into account certain points of interest, including Pedraza or Sebúlcor in the heart of the Gorges of the Duratón River. And if you have time to spare, book a kayak trip – you won’t regret it!

Route through Gran Canaria

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten the islands. In fact, we could recommend several routes on each of them. But, despite facing tough competition, we’ve gone for Gran Canaria and a very special itinerary. With a motorbike and little else, this island offers a world of possibilities. On this occasion, we opted for the route that links Las Palmas with Arucas, one of its most historic and traditional towns. This passage, which is not necessarily the best known among bikers, offers landscapes that you probably wouldn’t expect. Here you’ll see first-hand that on the Canary Islands it’s not all about the beach!

Portuguese route

We’ll leave the national territory, but we’re not going very far. Neighbouring Portugal, which often comes up when we mention towels or cod, is a jewel that shouldn’t be forgotten. Have you ever dreamt of travelling the famous Route 66? Well, Portugal has its own version. The National Route 2 – ‘Estrada Nacional 2’ – crosses the entire country, from north to south, from Chaves to Faro, and is the perfect way to get to know a country full of surprising landscapes, charming villages and culture and traditions that are well worth discovering.

Route along the Amalfi Coast

Now we are moving a little further away from home, to an admired summer destination. But, although the physical distance between Spain and Italy is measured in thousands of kilometres, the truth is that we are very similar people. Like Portugal, this is another country where, if we could, we’d travel from end to end. But we’re being told through our earpiece that we have to choose one set route, so we’ll propose something different. Set off from Naples and drive along the coast all the way to Amalfi to see first-hand how the towns and landscape itself are changing. Take in the contrast, too: Naples is pure chaos. Yet in no time at all it gives way to the vastness of the Vesuvius National Park (stops at Pompeii and Ercolano are almost obligatory!). From there, fishing villages will be interspersed with the great luxury on show at one of the most exclusive destinations in the Mediterranean: Positano. Take our advice and keep going, continuing on to Amalfi. The beauty of this area is incomparable. When the pasta, pizza and sweets are taken into consideration, you’ll find you might even come back with some extra luggage!

Nordic route

We finish in one of the most mythical places in Europe: ‘Nordkapp or North Cape in Norway. This is the northernmost point of the European continent and a perfect destination for summer. Through the rest of the year, ice, snow and low temperatures complicate trips to this part of the world. In spring or summer some people choose to do the route from Spain, which would mean more than 5,000 kilometres on two wheels (paradise, right?). But if you want something lighter, you can always start in Oslo (yes, we know this means more logistics, and even renting a bike). From there, head towards Bergen, go along the coast, where you pass by places like Mo i Rana or Skaidi, until you reach your destination.