Aug 2022

Something big is coming and we don’t want you to miss it. Yes, we’re talking to you, a motorcycle aficionado, who rides every day, whether on long trips or just to have fun, on routes and curves that make the hair on your skin stand on end.


Freedom is part of your DNA, right? At NG BRAKE DISC we know this because it’s also part of ours, and forms our life philosophy: No Limits, Just Brake. Don’t let anything stop you, just brake when you want and make the most of each corner. Let’s go! By doing this, you can achieve anything you want and overcome all the obstacles you find along the way. And we’re going to make it easy for you.


We’re beginning a new era in which we’re going to be closer to you. We’ll continue to be faithful to our essence by continuing to invest in innovation, technology, safety and reliability. But now we’re going further. From here on we’ll be your life companions, inspiring and motivating you, so that you can enjoy your motorcycle more than ever.


Through our website and our official social network profiles, we’re going to offer you things you cannot refuse. We’ll share tips to make your day-to-day riding much easier. We’re going to offer you the chance to win unique prizes through draws. And we’ll be bringing you closer to the competition in a personal and exciting way.


Together, we’ll see the motorcycle world in 360 degrees, looking at all types of terrain and riding styles. We’ll be your allies, your advisors and your friends when you get on the bike and even when you’re just thinking about it. And it doesn’t matter whether you prefer riding on or off road, through cities or cross country.


We’ll provide more news for you soon. So, get ready, because you’re going to experience motorcycling like you’ve never done before. And until then, enjoy it without limits because we have your back.