Sep 2022

Driving (and braking) in the city is something that many drivers are not entirely comfortable with. The wide-open spaces and the relative tranquillity of the open road is often easier terrain to navigate. And if we’re talking about riding a motorbike… Things get more complicated. As is the case with cyclists, riders have to be aware of something very important in big cities: for many drivers, they are invisible. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to be alert.

It’s a tricky scenario, but don’t panic. Skill comes with experience. And, of course, by listening to more experienced riders, who have spent countless hours riding through the city streets. Since brakes are our thing, we want to help you brake safely and calmly in the madness of the city. With these tips and some NG BRAKES brakes, you’ll have nothing to worry about.

  1. Learn how to brake on your bike. It sounds silly, but it’s basic. If you’re new to this, our advice is to take a riding course and do it on your own bike. That way you will get to know it well and gradually feel more comfortable aboard it.
  2. Old school… Always have two fingers on the two brake levers on the handlebars if you have a scooter, or your fingers on the front brake and your right foot ready to operate the rear brake if you have a bike with manual transmission. This way, you will be able to react quickly if necessary.
  3. We are aware that, when braking in town, we need cat-like reactions. But it’s important not to brake abruptly if you want to maintain stability. Ideally, you should first apply the rear brake progressively and then the front brake.
  4. Keep an eye on the road. In the city, we can come across many elements that seem harmless but which, especially in the rain, can catch us out. Road markings, drain covers, possible fuel stains… It’s important to avoid braking on them, especially if the road surface is wet, as you could slip and fall.

With these four tips and a little practice, you and your bike will soon be the kings of the city.