Oct 2022
moto lluvia

Rain can be motorcycling kryptonite. Not only because of how uncomfortable it is to ride on two wheels out in the open when it’s falling, but also because the danger increases considerably when the road is wet or damp. For this reason, it’s important to know your bike well and to activate your senses more than ever in the face of inclement weather. We don’t want you to leave your bike in the garage, even when the sky is overcast. So here we have 5 tips to help you ride safely and with peace of mind in the rain.

Keep your distance

If maintaining a safe distance to the vehicle in front is always important, it’s even more so when it’s raining or the road is wet. In this type of situation, it’s advisable to keep a greater distance between your bike and whoever is ahead of you. This way, if we have to make an emergency braking manoeuvre, we’ll have enough space to stop the bike without facing the danger of a collision ahead.

Avoid puddles!

On rainy days, puddles are not only obnoxious because they splash, but they can also be very treacherous on a motorbike. Firstly, the large accumulation of water can lead to a dangerous aquaplaning effect when braking. This means that a thin layer of water forms on the tyre and the tyre’s grip is completely lost. Secondly, when puddles are deep, we can’t see what’s underneath, which is all the more reason to avoid them. And if you have to ride over them, never apply the brake, as there may be manholes, road markings or hidden potholes underneath.

How to brake

Ideally, when riding in the rain, we should choose to use the rear brake more often than the front brake, to avoid locking the front wheel. It’s important, as we have already mentioned, that we always maintain a safe distance, as braking should be smoother than if we are riding on completely dry terrain.

Areas to avoid

As you know, there are many things to consider when riding a motorbike, especially in the city. If in normal circumstances, road markings or grids and drains are dangerous, when it rains or the asphalt is wet, they are even more so. As well as these obstacles, there are the aforementioned puddles and other seemingly harmless obstacles, such as fallen leaves from trees. Braking over them is something we should always try to avoid, as well as stepping on them. If we can eliminate them from our trajectory, all the better.

Count on the best

Like everything else, to get the best performance from your bike, even in the rain, it is important to have the best support. Considering braking is one of the most critical manoeuvres when the ground is wet or damp, having quality brake discs is vital. That’s where we come in. NG BRAKES offers a wide catalogue with specific models for all types of bikes, which will allow you to brake safely regardless of the weather conditions. NG BRAKES offers the latest technology used in competition, which is within everyone’s reach.