Jan 2023
Rutas moto invierno

Who says we can’t enjoy our passion for two wheels in Winter? Yes, it’s true the cold and inclement weather such as rain or snow can ruin a route or two. But the winter months offer up a great chance to visit some places that are too busy in summer and to enjoy many amazing landscapes. Here, we recommend 5 routes so that you and your motorbike won’t be left standing still before the spring arrives.

The other Ibiza

Yes, you read that right. The island is one of the favourite destinations of Hollywood stars, singers, designers and all kinds of celebrities, who flock here en masse each summer to enjoy its crystal-clear waters, the beauty of its coves and, of course, its vibrant nightlife. However, in winter, Ibiza sees its occupancy rate drop considerably and the calm returns, as well as more affordable prices. That’s why it’s the perfect time to explore it on two wheels, thanks also to its mild climate. You can do it with your own bike (travel by ferry from mainland Spain) or hire a motorbike there. Routes? There are many. The north, the south, the central area and in and around the numerous villages all offer up wonderful roads… Our advice? Take a map or GPS and… explore it all!

All of the north

Actually, the route we’re going to tell you about now can be done at any time of year; it’s always a good time to recommend it. Northern Spain offers beautiful landscapes all year round, so a visit here is a must. The ideal starting point for this route, which will allow you to enjoy the Basque Country either side of the Spain-France border, is Zarautz. Start with a good lunch and then off you go. From there, following the coast, we will reach San Sebastian, Hondarribia, San Juan de Luz and, finally, Biarritz. Make as many stops as you like. None of these places or the many other towns in the area will disappoint. Oh, and be sure to prepare your stomach to enjoy one of the richest cuisines in our country.

Like Clint Eastwood

The Tabernas Desert, located in Almería, has been the setting for some of the most important spaghetti westerns in the history of cinema. Sergio Leone’s ‘Dollar Trilogy’ is a prime example. Its beauty and the resemblance to the American West were reasons that attracted many directors to our country in years gone by. Now this area is attracting curious people and tourists from all over the world. Taking advantage of the good weather in Almeria, we recommend a route full of contrasts. Start at Cabo de Gata, with the sea in the background, and head inland towards Tabernas. Stop there to have lunch and then return, going around the Sierra Alhamilla Natural Park until we get to the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, which runs next to the coast. Follow that until we return to our starting point.

The most popular road in the UK

If you have some free time and fancy a different route, we recommend a trip to the United Kingdom. One thing is clear: the British Isles aren’t known for their wonderful weather, so this route is only suitable for the brave and bikers who don’t get cold easily. Just like our previous example in Ibiza, you can start the route in Spain and take your bike by ferry or rent one there specifically for the route. This time, we take you to the Cat and Fiddle road, the most popular and dangerous road in the UK. About 12km long, it links Buxton (Derbyshire) with Macclesfield (Cheshire) and has beautiful views, allowing you to see an area that is off the beaten path. However, due to the danger of the road, only experienced motorcyclists should try it.

San Bernardino Pass

The last motorbike route is for the really adventurous bikers out there. This one takes you into the Alps to enjoy its beauty and spectacular scenery from up close. As is often the case with mountain passes, it’s a demanding road, but the rewards are enormous. If you’re not afraid of the cold and you have the experience and equipment to face the bad weather, try this route to cross one of the most important mountain ranges on the planet. And if your courage knows no bounds, camp while you’re there. It’s an experience you’ll never forget.