Feb 2023
Calendarios competiciones moto

An important part of a biker’s love for two-wheels is motorbike competition. Whether it’s speed, off-road, endurance or road races, the adrenaline we feel when we ride our bikes also grabs us when we simply watch, the excitement transmitting through the screen. The thrill of celebrating a victory of your favourite rider, the tension of observing overtaking at the absolute limit or the spectacular nature of events such as Hard Enduro attract bikers from all over the world to watch.

As competition is part of NG BRAKES’ DNA, we don’t want you to miss a single event. Here are the calendars of the main motorbike competitions for 2023.


  • Grand Prix of Portugal: 24th to 26th March
  • Grand Prix of Argentina: 31st March to 2nd April
  • Grand Prix of the Americas: 14th to 16th April
  • Spanish Grand Prix: 28th to 30th April
  • French Grand Prix: 12th to 14th May
  • Italian Grand Prix: from 9th to 11th June
  • German Grand Prix: 16th to 18th June
  • Dutch TT: 23th to 25th June
  • Grand Prix of Kazakhstan: 7th to 9th July
  • British Grand Prix: 4th to 6th August
  • Austrian Grand Prix: 18th to 20th August
  • Catalan Grand Prix: 1st to 3rd September
  • San Marino Grand Prix: 8th to 10th September
  • Indian Grand Prix: 22nd to 24th September
  • Japanese Grand Prix: 29th September to 1st October
  • Indonesian Grand Prix: 13th to 15th October
  • Australian Grand Prix: 20th to 22nd October
  • Thai Grand Prix: 27th to 29th October
  • Malaysian Grand Prix: 10th to 12th November
  • Qatar Grand Prix: 17th to 19th November
  • Valencia Grand Prix: 24th to 26th November


  • Australian Round: 24th to 26th February
  • Indonesian Round: 3rd to 5th March
  • Dutch Round: 21st to 23rd April
  • Catalunya Round: 5th to 7th May
  • Emilia-Romagna Round: 2nd to 4th June
  • UK Round: 30th June to 2nd July
  • Czech Round: 28th to 30th July
  • French Round: 8th to 10th September
  • Aragon Round: 22nd to 24th September
  • Portuguese Round: 29th September to 1st October
  • Argentinan Round: 13th to 15th October
  • TBC – Circuit to be assigned


  • Circuito do Estoril: 7th of May
  • Circuit Ricardo Tormo: 1st of May
  • Circuito de Jerez: 4th of June
  • Autodromo do Algarve: 2nd of July
  • Barcelona-Cataluña: 16th of July
  • Motorland Aragón: 8th of October
  • Circuit Ricardo Tormo: 5th of November


  • Daytona 200: 9th to 11th March
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes at Road Atlanta: 21st to 23rd April
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes at Barber: 19th to 21st May
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes at Road America: 2nd to 4th June
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes at The Ridge: 23rd to 25th June
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes Speedfest at Monterey: 7th to 9th July
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes at Brainerd: 28th to 30th July
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes at Pittsburgh: 18th to 20th August
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes at Texas: 8th to 10th September
  • MotoAmerica Superbikes at New Jersey: 22nd to 24th September


(*For the time being, the main races held in Northern Ireland, such as the North West 200 or the Ulster GP, have been cancelled due to high insurance costs)
  • Cookstown 100: 21st to 22nd April
  • Tandagree 100: 28th to 29th April
  • Northwest 200: 9th to 13th May
  • Isle of Man TT: 29th May to 10th June
  • Kells Road Race: 24th to 25th June
  • Skerries 100: 1st to 2nd July
  • Imatranajo: 1st to 2nd July
  • Southern 100: 10th to 13th July
  • IRRC Chimay: 22nd to 23rd July
  • Armoy Road Races: 28th to 29th July
  • International Ulster GP: 18th to 19th August
  • Manx Grand Prix: 20th to 28th August
  • Macau GP: 16th to 19th November


  • Le Mans 24 Hours: 15th to 16th April
  • Spa 24 Hours: 17th to 18th June
  • Suzuka 8 Hours: 30th July
  • Bol d’Or: 16th to 17th September


  • MXGP of Patagonia – Argentina: 12th March
  • MXGP of Cerdeña: 26th March
  • MXGP of Switzerland: 10th April
  • MXGP of Trentino: 16th April
  • MXGP of Portugal: 30th April
  • MXGP of Spain: 7th May
  • MXGP of France: 21st May
  • MXGP of Latvia: 4th June
  • Liqui Moly MXGP of Germany: 11th June
  • MXGP of Sumbawa: 25th June
  • MXGP of Lombok: 2nd July
  • MXGP of Czech Republic: 16th July
  • Monster Energy MXGP of Flanders: 23rd July
  • MXGP of Finland: 30th July
  • MXGP of Sweden: 13th August
  • MXGP of the Netherlands: 20th August
  • MXGP of Turkey: 3rd September
  • MXGP of Vietnam: 17th September
  • Circuito to be determined: 1st October
  • MXGP of Great Britain: 15th October
  • Monster Energy FIM MXoN: 22nd October


  • San Remo – Arma di Taglia (Italy): 31st March to 2nd April (EGP EJ EY EW EO)
  • Lalín (Spain): 5th to 7th May (EGP EJ EY EO)
  • Heinola (Finland): 26th to 28th May (EGP EJ EY EO)
  • Skövde (Sweded): 1st to 3rd June (EGP EJ EY EO)
  • Gelnica (Slovakia): 30th June to 2nd July (EGP EJ EY EO)
  • Location to be determined: 7th to 9th July (EGP EJ EY EO)
  • Valpaços (Portugal): 29th September to 2nd October (EGP EJ EY EO)
  • Andre – Santiago do Cacem (Portugal): 6th to 8th October (EGP EJ EY EO)


  • Santiago de Compostela: 17th to 19th February
  • Oliana: 17th to 19th March
  • Lalín: 5th to 7th May
  • Silleda – Orixo: 15th to 17th September
  • D’Orista: 13th to 15th October


  • Round 1 – Xross (Serbia): 17th to 20th May
  • Round 2 – Red Bull Erzbergrodeo (Austria): 8th to 11th June
  • Round 3 – Red Bull Abestone (Italy): 7th to 9th July
  • Round 4 – Red Bull Romaniacs (Romania): 25th to 29th July
  • Round 5 – Red Bull Outliers (Canada): 26th to 27th August
  • Round 6 – Roof of Africa (Lesotho): 28th to 30th September
  • Round 7 – 24MX GetzenRodeo (Germany): 3rd to 4th November