Apr 2023
Libros moteros

Coinciding with the anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare, Miguel de Cervantes and Garcilaso de la Vega, International Book Day is celebrated on 23 April. As is St George’s Day, or as it’s known in Catalunya, Día de Sant Jordi, a date in which a book and a rose is presented to a loved one. These celebrations encourage reading through all kinds of fairs and events, which remind us how exciting it can be to experience a journey through the pages of a book, regardless of the genre. For this occasion, at NG BRAKES we have prepared a selection of 10 books that are a must-have for every biker.

‘Ángel Nieto: Life and successes of our best rider’, by Juan Pedro de la Torre

As the title indicates, this biography reviews all the achievements of Ángel Nieto during and after his sporting career. It also delves into the person behind the public figure, and behind the myth. A must for all racing fans, it’s full of nostalgia for those who were able to enjoy his exploits during his lifetime. It’s also compulsory reading for those who were unable to see his riding in the flesh, to help understand the Zamorano’s importance and impact on motorcycling at national and world level.

‘Road Racer: It’s in My Blood’, by Michael Dunlop

The Dunlop family is one of the most mythical (and ill-fated) in the world of two wheels. Joey Dunlop, who died in 2000, is still the rider with the most victories at the historic Isle of Man TT. Close behind him, in third place on the all-time list of wins, is Michael Dunlop, his nephew, who many consider to be the best road racer in history – not only in terms of numbers, but also character and style. In this autobiography, he recounts his life and his passion for motorbikes and road racing, from the cradle to the publication of the book in 2017. It’s an exciting, funny and authentic account that captures the essence of the rider, his family and a tradition that is slowly being lost.

‘Cinta Americana’ by Dennis Noyes

Dennis Noyes not only has one of the most recognisable accents (and shouts) on Spanish television; he’s been in the paddock all his life. It’s an experience that has given him the chance to tell many stories and experience many changes from the inside. All this is collected in a book that every biker should read at least once. As he points out, ‘Cinta Americana’ is not just a book about motorbikes; it’s a historical review, a diary of his life and a journey through a shared passion.

‘The last frontier’, by Juan Pedro de la Torre

Marc Márquez, Joan Mir and Jorge Lorenzo are the last three Spanish riders to win the MotoGP World Championship. These achievements would not have been possible without the work and effort of all those pioneers who opened doors for motorcycling in our country. Their struggles and successes are the protagonists of this book by Juan Pedro de la Torre, which reviews the foundations that support the successful generations of Spanish riders who have now been winning and shining for decades.

‘Historias del paddock’, by Juan Pedro de la Torre

As you can see, Juan Pedro de la Torre is a reference for racing lovers. And this is another essential work of his. In ‘Historias del paddock’, the journalist reviews eleven important episodes in the history of motorcycling, some of them well-known, others hitherto unpublished. This approach to a world surrounded by a certain mysticism, gives us a fuller idea of what really went on.

‘On the Move: A Life’, by Oliver Sacks

This is a slightly different book. As well as being a neurologist and writer, Oliver Sacks was also a motorbike lover. He demonstrates this in this autobiography, which is very much a road trip, covering the most complex episodes of his life. An opportunity to get closer to a figure who may seem distant to us, ‘On the Move: A Life’ also dives into the love of two wheels from a different perspective.

‘360 degrees: A woman, a motorbike and the world’, by Alicia Sornosa

If we talk about motorbike tourism, breaking down barriers and passion, one of the first names that comes to mind is Alicia Sornosa. The Madrid-born rider knows what it’s like to move through a traditionally male world and emerge victorious. And she also knows what it’s like to face difficult challenges. In this book, the author transforms herself into Sofía, her alter ego, and a woman who decides to travel the five continents on a motorbike. An adventure in which obstacles, fears and doubts all appear, she also encounters unforgettable moments, life lessons and relationships that make a real impression. The passion and experience of the journalist is conveyed through a fascinating story.

‘The world on a motorbike with Charly Sinewan’, by Carlos García Portal

If we talk about travelling by motorbike, we cannot leave out Charlie Sinewan, a reference on the subject. This book could be defined as the basic and essential manual that anyone who wants to travel by motorbike should have. In it, the author pours all his experience and knowledge acquired over more than 25 years of travelling. Readers will find all kinds of tips, recommendations, anecdotes and even places of interest worth visiting.

‘Long Way Round’, by Charley Boorman and Ewan McGregor

This is a travel book – but not in the traditional sense, with two unusual protagonists. Actors Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman tell the story of their journey through Europe, part of Asia and North America on the back of two BMWs. An adventure in which they lived all kinds of experiences, ranging from the most hilarious and crazy to the toughest. All are narrated in detail in ‘Long Way Round’, a story to which any motorbike lover who has taken on a daunting journey on two wheels can relate.

‘Whoever has the will, has the strength’, by Laia Sanz and Eloi Vila

Laia Sanz is one of the most successful women in the world of motorcycling. With 14 world trials titles and 6 enduro titles, the Catalan is a point of reference for hundreds of young women and girls who dream of one day standing on the podium. Some time ago, she was that young girl with big dreams. Now Laia is recognised as a woman who has worked tirelessly and broken all kinds of barriers to reach the place she occupies today. In ‘Whoever has the will, has the strength’ she tells the story of her journey, which has not always been smooth, intertwined with her experience at the Dakar Rally in 2015.