Jun 2023
Viaje moto verano

The smell of holidays is in the air. The days are getting longer and the heat is arriving, and that can only mean one thing: it’s time to plan our trips. Taking advantage of a few days off for a brief getaway is one thing; but many people follow their passion for two wheels each summer with long routes that take them to unknown and sometimes distant destinations.

If you are one of those already preparing your motorbike trip, it’s important that you do it thoroughly. You want to enjoy it to the fullest, but, above all, to do it safely and with the confidence of having everything under control. At NG BRAKES, we want to share a series of tips with you, so that nothing will spoil the summer of your dreams.

An annual check-up

Like people, motorbikes should also be checked from time to time. If yours has just left the workshop, you can check its condition by looking at the pressure of the tyres, the level of the different fluids (brake, cooling…) and other important details such as the brake discs (if you have doubts about this point, this post can help you).

The best thing to do if your bike hasn’t been to the workshop is to take it in well before you’re due to leave, so that a professional can do a complete check-up and prepare it for the long trip.

Get well kitted out

It’s true that the middle of the summer isn’t an ideal time to cover up. But if we’re going to ride a motorbike, we have to do it as safely as possible. For this reason, it’s important that, in addition to your helmet, you wear a jacket and trousers with protection, as well as gloves and boots. It’s best to opt for ventilated equipment, specially designed for this time of year, so the heat doesn’t affect you too much. What’s more, helmets with retractable sun visors will allow you to see clearly at all times, even after dark.

Plan your trip well

Getting lost on roads, wandering aimlessly and going on adventures is very idyllic. But the reality is very different. It’s important to plan each journey in advance, paying special attention to fuel and, of course, the temperature. It’s best to travel early in the day, when the sun is not yet at its hottest. You’ll be more comfortable, your bike will suffer less and you’ll encounter less traffic, meaning you will get greater enjoyment from your route.

Always carry water with you

Hydration is always important. But it’s even more so in summer, even if you are physically active. Ideally, you should carry a hydration pack with you so you can drink comfortably while driving. Also, whenever you need to, stop, drink something cool and eat something light, such as a piece of fruit. There is no rush, you’re on holiday and the most important thing, as always, is to get home.