Jul 2023
rutas moto España

We’ve recommended original destinations for this summer, perfect routes for spring and even trips… but the real moment of truth has arrived. I’m sure this is a conversation you’ve had more than once with your biker friends: what are the best motorbike routes in Spain? You know, the ones which everyone wants to do at least once in their lives, where enjoyment on two wheels is guaranteed because of the routes’ beauty and spectacular nature. It’s not easy as there are a lot to choose from. But after talking to many bikers, we at NG BRAKES have compiled what we believe to be the definitive Top 5.

Trans-Pyrenees Route

The route par excellence. We say this because of the scenery, which ranks among the most spectacular on the continent, and because the roads are some of the most exciting in our country. It covers a very wide area and can be done in its entirety, with different itineraries. Or you can simply opt for a single stage. Be that as it may, enjoying the Pyrenees – both the Catalan and Huesca sides – is a unique experience that bikers from all corners of the planet do not want to miss. In fact, if you ever take this route, you’ll find companions on two wheels at every stage of the journey.

Picos de Europa

From one mountainous area to another. Normally, when asked to envision Spain, many immediately think of its numerous beaches. But the country also has plenty of green areas, such as the Picos de Europa. One of the best motorbike routes in the country runs through this National Park, which covers part of León, Cantabria, Asturias and, depending on the itinerary, can take you to places of indescribable beauty such as the Covadonga Lakes. Also the Desfiladero de la Hermida is a must for the more adventurous bikers.

The Silver Route

Spain’s Roman past can be revisited via one of its most popular motorbike routes. The Ruta de la Plata (Silver Route) runs from one end of the Iberian Peninsula to the other, starting in Gijón and arriving in Seville. This route allows you to travel along the old Ruta de la Plata, which linked Mérida and Astorga, and visit some of the places we have recommended before, such as the Jerte Valley (always beautiful, but especially in spring), as well as others we have not mentioned before, such as Salamanca.

Madrid – Segovia Route

This is one of the most popular and common routes, especially for those who live in the capital. It’s perfect for a Saturday or Sunday outing and, of course, lends itself to family trips. It takes you through the northern part of the Community of Madrid, allowing you to enjoy fun and exciting roads. To top it off: add a visit to the city of Segovia, where you can enjoy historical monuments of great beauty such as the Aqueduct of Segovia or the Alcázar.

Route along the Cantabrian Coast

We return to the north of the Iberian Peninsula to visit one of its most spectacular areas: the entire coast, from San Sebastian to Finisterre. A true paradise, especially for those who want to contemplate the constant contrasts between sea and mountain, blue and green, that make up the whole area. This is a route we recommend you dedicate several days to, in order to enjoy every town and village, the many viewpoints you will find along the way and, of course, the gastronomy that’s widely considered to be the tastiest on the planet.