Jul 2023
calor extremo web

Extreme temperatures are never a good companion for a road trip, especially if it’s on two wheels. The tyres suffer more, different components can overheat, the rider’s comfort is reduced… And yet, summer is one of the best times to travel by motorbike, especially as, for many of us, it coincides with the holiday period.

According to the Spanish Association of Driving Schools, the risk of suffering an accident when driving or riding in extreme heat increases by 30%. Because, at NG BRAKES, your safety always comes first, we want you to pay special attention to these factors if you’re thinking of riding a specific route or doing a trip during the hottest months of the year.

Listen to yourself

We’ve said it before, but it’s worth remembering: there’s no rush. Whether on a short route or long journey, by road or otherwise, the important thing is to get to your destination and enjoy the ride. So don’t rush and try some superhuman feats on your bike. If, at a certain point, you feel tired, fatigued or too hot, you should stop, even if you did so only a short time before. A 20-minute break, when you can have a cool drink and rest your posture, can make all the difference. And above all, it can save your life.

As always, a good once over

It’s essential that your bike is in perfect condition before a trip, regardless of the time of year. Even if you’ve just had it serviced, there are certain elements that are essential to check if the weather forecast indicates that temperatures are going to be very high (over 30 degrees). The coolant level, the cleanliness of the air intakes, the condition of the tyres… And, of course, if you feel that the bike is overheating or that something isn’t working as it should, stop in a safe place and make the appropriate checks.

Cool off

If we use air conditioning in the car, we also have to look for options to cool down and avoid suffering too much on a motorbike. One is a cooling vest, which usually works thanks to different layers of cold water. It’s advisable to wear them under the ventilated jacket with protection. Although the idea may seem a little strange at first, as might the initial feeling when you put it on, these vests keep us cool for several hours, ensuring the heat doesn’t get the better of us.

Opt for alternative routes

Often, the shortest or quickest route takes us through big cities, with a lot of traffic and movement. If you’re planning a purely leisure trip, our recommendation is that you discard these routes and opt for an alternative way, where most of the journey takes place on a motorway, dual carriageway or conventional road. With less traffic, the air circulates better and we avoid the heat from the other engines, which increase our body temperature.