Aug 2023
discos de freno

When it comes to buying a new product, whether on a whim or out of necessity, it’s quite common to go for the cheapest option as our first choice. And there are times when this isn’t such a bad idea. But when we’re talking about parts for our motorbike which directly affect our safety, it’s important to go for the one that offers us the best guarantees and quality.

In this sense, certifications are an unbeatable indicator to ensure that we are acquiring a first class product. At NG BRAKES we are firmly committed to the safety of all users of two wheels. Therefore, we always use quality materials, and we take care of every detail in every step of the process of design and production of our discs. And we then test them both in the laboratory and in high competition.

What’s more, we support the approval of the ECE R90 certification and its obligatory nature for the marketing of brake discs for motorbikes in Europe. This is a fundamental step to prevent the sale of components of dubious quality and origin that could endanger the lives of thousands of motorcyclists. A fault or defect in them can cause an accident, and lead to tragic consequences.

This regulation involves carrying out and passing a series of tests that are designed to check the brake discs are designed in the correct way using quality materials. These tests are already carried out by NG BRAKES before each of its products are marketed, even if they are not yet mandatory.

if you have to buy new discs and want to make sure they are of high quality, you can look out for other marks of quality. For example, NG BRAKES has the TÜV homologation (mandatory in Germany and some parts of Switzerland), as well as the ISO9001:2015 quality certificate, which guarantees the quality of the product and the design, manufacturing and marketing process. Moreover, we advise you to listen to the professionals out there, such as mechanics, and not to get carried away by apparent initial savings that could be end up being very costly further down the line.