Sep 2023
ruta moto

One thing is clear to all two-wheeled enthusiasts: there’s nothing better than a good motorbike route, whether it’s ridden with friends, the family, as a couple or even alone. And if this route allows you to get to know new places, enjoy unforgettable landscapes and, in short, do some sightseeing, all the better! At NG BRAKES we know that you’re always on the lookout for new places to explore. So, that’s why we’ve compiled what many consider to be the 5 best motorbike routes in Europe. Are you ready to ride them?

Furka Pass (Switzerland)

This is a favourite of the bravest of the brave. It’s a Swiss road with high speeds and not too much traffic. A few years ago, a tunnel was built as the main route to avoid going through the original way, where there are hardly any guardrails. Therefore motorcyclists can now enjoy the road almost on their own. In addition to the bends, high-speed sections and the freedom of the road, this route offers breathtaking views.

Transylvania (Romania)

Despite its beauty, history and folklore, Romania curiously remains one of the continent’s great unknowns. For those who want to discover a country full of spectacular landscapes, castles and charming villages, as well as experiencing an adventure, we have an unbeatable recommendation: the Transfagarasan road is about 35 kilometres long and runs between the highest mountains in the country. Its winding outline has made it one of the most popular on the continent, and also one of the most demanding. A word of advice: don’t try it in winter, as snow often blocks the road.

Bergen to Geiranger (Norway)

Norway is one of those destinations that every two-wheel lover wants to travel to at least once in their lifetime. One of the most recommended routes is the one between Bergen and Geiranger, which is a bit longer than the other well-known roads. It gives you the opportunity to see many of the typical fjords of the Nordic country. Among them is Sognefjorden, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. And as it is a long route, which must be done in several days, it allows you to visit different villages and travel along roads with different characteristics.

North Coast 500 (Scotland)

The Scottish Highlands dominate this route. 500 miles (just over 800 kilometres) that will allow you to cover the entire northern part of the country, soak up its history, culture and mythology, discover castles and charming villages that were built centuries ago and, of course, enjoy the incomparable beauty of its landscapes. We recommend you take it easy and make the most of a long holiday to do it. Once you start touring Scotland, you’ll feel the need to stop constantly to explore and take in the spectacular nature.

Amalfi Coast (Italy)

We finish with a route that we have already mentioned before. But any top 5 list of the best motorbike routes wouldn’t be complete without it. From Naples to Salerno, touring the Amalfi Coast on a motorbike is a pleasure that you will want to repeat whenever possible – for its beauty, of course, but also for the atmosphere, the gastronomy, the good weather… There is a reason why it’s one of the most exclusive areas of the whole European continent, which fills up with celebrities as soon as summer arrives. Are you up for it?