Nov 2023
Ruta 66

There are places in the world most people want to visit at least once in their lifetime. One of those is undoubtedly the United States, a country that garners attention for its history, cities and landscapes. And also for its roads, which are perfect for both motorbikes and cars. If you’re thinking of visiting the country of the Statue of Liberty, hamburgers and the Grand Canyon, we at NG BRAKES recommend 6 essential routes that will make you enjoy riding like never before.

Route 66

Undoubtedly, the most legendary route on the planet. It’s the dream of all types of travellers, from those who prefer motorbike adventures to those who enjoy the independence and peace of travelling in a caravan or campervan. This route covers a large part of the United States, from Chicago to Santa Monica, passing through well-known places such as St. Louis, Texas, Oklahoma or Albuquerque. You can also take short detours to visit the Grand Canyon or Las Vegas. Here you will find one of those mythical straight and eternal roads that we have seen so many times in the movies. It’s the perfect place to take a photo or two and show off the amazing trip you’re taking.

Route 61

Another of the legendary ones. There’s no denying Route 66 is the most popular route in the United States. But its sister – also known as the Blues Route – isn’t far behind. More than 2,000 kilometres long, it links Wyoming with New Orleans, and is one of the dream routes for music lovers, especially blues and rock. Depending on how much time you have, you can cover it all, or just ride sections. You have the option of starting in Chicago and going down to Memphis, following the Mississippi River, or starting directly from Elvis Presley’s hometown. Visit the cotton plantations, the King of Rock and Roll’s mansion and beautiful New Orleans. And if you go in February, when Mardi Gras is being celebrated, it’s even more memorable.

Pacific Route or Route 1

The route that runs the length of Highway 1, from north to south of the State of California, is also a must. For it’s a route where the beauty of the Pacific coast is the protagonist. As well as visiting legendary cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, and towns such as Santa Barbara and Monterrey, you can take in the beautiful Big Sur, numerous natural parks and even see dozens of sea lions resting in Morro Bay. Our advice is that, although it can be done in just one day, you should spend several days on this road to enjoy the many hidden gems it has to offer.

Route 163

This recommendation is a little different. It’s a short route, perfect to do in just one day. It runs through part of the states of Arizona and Utah and includes some of the scenery most often used in classic Western films. And for the film buffs out there, it’s the exact spot where Forrest Gump stops running and decides to return home. This one is very much a cinematic route, where you can enjoy spectacular landscapes, which are marked by steep hills and terracotta tones.

Cascade Loop

A complete change of register. On this fifth motorbike route we travel to the northern part of the United States, specifically to the state of Washington. For many, this is the ultimate road trip, partly because of the sheer beauty of the scenery. Forget the wide, arid spaces of the previous ones. This circular route starts at the third deepest lake in the country – Lake Chelan – and takes you through natural landscapes ranging from forests and mountains to glaciers and beaches. A real treat for nature lovers.

The Ozarks

This one’s for the TV fans. The series ‘Ozark’ has put one of the most unknown and beautiful areas of the American Midwest on the map. It occupies part of the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas and is, for many, one of the great natural wonders of the country. One of the most recommended motorbike trails in the area is the Pig Trail, perfect for autumn when the foliage is bathed in shades of brown, orange and yellow. It’s a short route that can be done in a day, allowing you to continue touring the area for the rest of the trip.