Apr 2024
Disco freno moto

Motorcycling history has always been related to the search for innovation. At NG BRAKES we have been working for more than 25 years with the aim of creating top quality products, incorporating the latest technological knowledge and innovating in the design and manufacturing processes. Today we review the evolution of brake discs since their origins.

Early braking systems

The first discs used on motorbikes were similar to those used on bicycles. However, as motorcycles became faster, this system became insufficient. This led to the appearance of drum brakes. Finally, it was from the 1960s onwards that the first brake discs were developed. These enabled the production of faster and lighter motorbikes.

And then came the discs

The 1963 Lambretta 175 TV was the first scooter to incorporate disc brakes. This system consisted of a steel plate that was placed on the wheel and which, by means of a hydraulic pump, activated the piston that moved the brake pads towards the disc so that the scooter would progressively slow down. This became a revolution, increasing safety and efficiency and, therefore, allowing the manufacture of motorbikes with more power and less weight.

A revolutionary change

These early models solved overheating problems and offered greater durability. However, despite this initial success, they also had some disadvantages. The main one was the loss of performance in rainy conditions. At NG BRAKES we have worked tirelessly to achieve discs that allow safe braking in all weather conditions.

A long road

The evolution of brake discs has been constant. This has resulted in the appearance of different types of discs adapted to the specific needs of each bike. Nowadays we have perforated discs, which prevent overheating even more, or discs with carbon fibre on the outside, to be as light as possible, like those used in MotoGP.

Brake discs today

The brake disc system has become a vital reference point in terms of safety and performance. Today it is used on the vast majority of motorbikes, with the exception of some scooters. At NG BRAKES we have first class discs, with options for all types of motorcycles. To achieve this we have focused on constant innovation to achieve maximum safety and performance on two wheels.