Apr 2024
discos de freno

Recycle, reuse and reduce are the pillars of sustainability. And sometimes, it can be difficult to fit motorbike components into them once they have been replaced. The easiest, and most obvious, option is to bring them to a clean point. But the reality is that there are many more fun ways to give them a second life, especially brake discs. From clocks to ornaments or photo frames, there are several options that we at NG BRAKES offer you to give a new chance to our guardians of the road, when the time has come for them to retire.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty

As two-wheel enthusiasts, we tend to be very attached to our bikes. For this reason, one of the best ways to give brake discs a second life is to turn them into jewellery. To do this, it is only necessary to turn to professional foundry craftsmen. They can transform the stainless steel of this component into a piece that will always be with us, whether in the form of a pendant, bracelet or key ring.

If you are a handyman or handywoman

Another way to give a new use to brake discs after replacing them comes from DIY. For the more crafty, we suggest creating a wall clock. All you need is a clock mechanism, which you can buy online or in any craft shop, and an old disc, preferably with a small central hole. It is very easy to make. And it gives a special (and biker) touch to any room, be it the workshop, the bedroom or the living room.

If you want to spend some family time

The last option is a photo frame with a brake disc. A craft that is designed, precisely because of its simplicity, to be made with the youngest members of the family. It can also be a perfect gift for a special day, such as a birthday, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day. To make it, all you need to do is select the most biker photo from the gallery, resize it to fit the central hole of the brake disc and glue it to a disc with a strong glue. Preferably with a large central hole. A nice way to have a detail with the lovers of two wheels.