May 2024
discos de freno

Getting the most out of your motorbike, especially in terms of safety, is a must for motorcyclists, but some components need more care than others. One of the most exposed is the brake discs, and they need some special care to extend their service life as much as possible. Therefore, it is essential to have a proper maintenance of them to keep them at the highest level as long as possible. So, from NG BRAKES we have four tips that will help you to keep your brake discs in perfect condition.

  1. Use premium quality brake discs

First and foremost, high quality discs, like the ones we manufacture at NG BRAKES, are a must, as they ensure superior performance and durability. Our premium brake discs are designed to better cope with the demands of any terrain or discipline and provide efficient and safe braking in all conditions.

  1. Regular cleaning

Brake discs are one of the components that are closest to the ground and therefore tend to get dusty or muddy. If these components are very dirty they can deteriorate sooner or cause the calipers to not grip the disc properly, making braking more difficult. To keep them clean, it is essential to use a specific brake spray to ensure that the product does not damage them. Regular cleaning prevents premature wear and ensures efficient braking.

  1. Protection against rust

Brake discs are usually made of steel, so if they are not properly maintained they can rust and cause malfunction. For this reason it is essential to protect them from rust. To do this, it is best to apply a layer of oil or special silicone lubricant for discs to prevent the formation of rust.

  1. Avoid hard and prolonged braking

Hard and prolonged braking can generate excessive heat that can deform and damage brake discs. The best way to extend the life of these components is to use a gentle riding style that minimises the stress on the braking system. This will not only prolong the life of our discs, but also improve riding safety.

These four tips help us to keep brake discs in optimum condition, prolonging their life and ensuring a safer and more reliable riding experience.