Legal terms and conditions of the promotion


The organisation of the giveaway is promoted by the enterprise TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. ESB60124138 (from now on TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U.) with domicile in C/Camp 83, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès.

TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. organises with promotional aims the giveaway of two polo shirts and two official shirts of the Moto2 and Moto3 Red Bull KTM Ajo team signed by its riders (Raúl Fernández, Remy Gardner, Pedro Acosta and Jaume Masià), to be developed through Internet with the platform Easypromos and under its correspondent legal bases.

The date for the draw will be the 4th of November 2021, and participation in the giveaway will be open from the 1st of October 2021 until the 1st of November 2021, both inclusive.

Despite the previous, TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. reserves the right to modify in its convenience the dates of the promotion.


All the people who fulfil the following participation rules (from now on, “the Participants”) will be able to participate in the current promotion:

Be 18 years old or more.

Have a valid identity document

Participations with wrong or incomplete data will not be admitted.

No more than one email address per participant will be accepted. All repeated emails after the first one will be discarded.

The mechanics of the promotion is to visit the website, follow the instructions and complete the necessary data to contact the winners: name, email address and country of residence.

The prize will be shipped internationally by NG Brakes to any country in the world.


The 4th of November 2021 the draw will be celebrated through the platform Easypromos. 2 winner and 2 alternates will be selected from all the Participants who have fulfilled the established requirements in the second section.

The communication to the Winners will be realised through the e-mail given in the participation form.

The prize of the current promotion will consist of: two polo shirts and two official shirts of the Moto2 and Moto3 Red Bull KTM Ajo team signed by its riders (Raúl Fernández, Remy Gardner, Pedro Acosta and Jaume Masià).

If a winner could not be located or contacted within the two (2) natural days after the TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. communication date, the prize will be given to the selected alternate, and it will be understood that the Winner irrevocably renounces to the prize. In case of not being able to locate the alternate Participant in a new period of two (2) natural days since the communication sent by TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U., the prize will be given to the second alternate selected, and it will be understood that the first alternate irrevocably renounces to the prize. Ultimately, if the second alternate could not be located in a new term of two (2) natural days since the communication, the prize will remain deserted.

Previously to the prize delivery, TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. will proceed to verify that the Winners have accomplished the requirements to participate in the Promotion.

Once the winners are verified, they will be contacted via e-mail to determine which date and how the shipment of the price will be carried out by TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. The maximum delivery period is 30 days. The prize will be sent to the address the winner indicates.

The participation in this Promotion implies a full and unconditional acceptation of the conditions included in the present Legal Bases, and the Winner must agree to participate in the promotional activities related to it. Also, accepting these legal bases the Participant gives the consent to use their image for promotional purposes of the organising enterprise.

The organisation will not attend telephonic calls, nor answer oral or written consults about the Promotion.


The following people, including their spouses, ascendants or descendants until second grade (inclusive) will not be allowed to participate in the promotion: (I) the employees in any of the societies and other entities with legal personality linked to TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U.; (II) The physical people who participate directly or indirectly in the capital of TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. and (III) Any physical person that has participated directly or indirectly in this Promotion or has been involved directly or indirectly in its preparation or development (agency, suppliers, etc.).

The participations carried out after the ending date of the Promotion and the ones that do not fulfil the requirements established in the present Legal Bases will be considered null. TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. keeps the right to exclude from the Promotion those Participants suspected or detected to be participating in any fraudulent way.

If there was an evidence that the Winners or the Alternates do not fulfil the requirements demanded in the Bases, or they do not credit what is requested, their participation will be considered null and they will automatically be excluded from the Promotion, losing all rights on the given prize by virtue of this Promotion.

The given prize will not be subject to change, alterations or compensations demanded by the Winners. TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. keeps the right, if there is just cause and prior communication in legal form, to effect any change, suspend or widen this Promotion.

A period of FIFTEEN (15) natural days is established from the date of the prize giveaway, to effect any reclamation motivated by this Promotion. Constance is left by the present document that the Participants do not have to pay out, as consequence of the proposed Promotion, any additional amount to TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U.

TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. keeps, in case of absolute necessity, the right to replace the prizes for others of similar features.

All the data facilitated by the Participants must be truthful. The identity of the Participants will be proved only by means of official documents. TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. keeps the right to exclude from the Promotion those Participants suspected or detected to be participating in any fraudulent way.


Including without limitation, TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. is not responsible of the following circumstances:

The liquidated damages of any kind that can be due to the temporary lack of availability or continuity of the functioning of the telecommunications networks.

The given services by any other entity with which TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. collaborates in the service delivery to the Winners, as a consequence of the delivered prizes, as well as the derivates from a negligent action in the enjoyment of the prizes themselves.

The incidences occasioned by the lack of diligence due to the Participant.

The cases of force majeure or fortuitous events that could avoid the realisation of the promotion or the total or partial enjoyment of its prize. In case that this Promotion could not be realised, for detected frauds in it, technical errors, or any other reason that is not under the control of TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. and that affects the normal development of the Promotion, TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. keeps the right to cancel, modify or suspend it.

It does not include the expenses of registration and management, the insurance, the road tax and the municipal tax, the maintaining and the functioning costs of the motorbike, that will come from the Winner. The obtained prize in this giveaway is subject to this Bases and it will not be possible to replace it for cash and, in any case, will be subject to change, alteration or compensation asked by the Winner or if they do not use the received prize. If the Winner rejects the prize, no alternative prize will be offered to them. The prize will be personal and non-transferable.

The use made by the Winner in relation to the prize object of the present Promotion, and it does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for any damage of any kind that could be suffered by the Participants, the Winners or third parties. The prize is personal and non-transferable and its change for other product or cash is not permitted.

Any tax charge that the acceptation of the prize may occasion will be borne by the Winner, as well as any other expense derivated from the Promotion that is not expressly assumed by TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. in the present Legal Bases.


TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. takes very seriously the protection of your privacy and personal data. Therefore, your personal information is kept safely and is treated with the maximum care.

In accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGDP) 679/2016, (from now on, “RGPD”) each participant with the acceptance of these Legal Bases gives permission for their personal data (name, e-mail) facilitated to TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. are incorporated to a file ownership of TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U.

Specifically, TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. will use your personal data to process the participation as Participant and to communicate the prize in case that you are Winner, as well as to send you information about products and promotions by letter, phone, e-mail, SMS/MMS or other electronic communication media equivalents all under the provisions of the RGPD, in the Law 34/2002 of 11th July, the services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Trade and in the Law 9/2014, of the 9th of May, General in Telecommunications related to the offered services in the website of TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U.

Likewise, TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. could give the personal data of the Users to the sponsors in the Promotion or to third-party enterprises that collaborate or are associated to TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U., with the purpose that this enterprises can identify you as Winner of the Promotion and that they are able to contact with the User to deliver the prize, as well as to send you commercial and promotional communications of their products and services, the same way as specified in the previous section.

The participant guarantees that the facilitated personal data are truthful, and they are responsible of communicating TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. about any modification of these. The Participant will answer, in any case, about the truthfulness of the facilitated data, TECNOLOGIES METAL-LURGIQUES M-T S.L. keeping the right to exclude of the Promotion to all the Participants that have facilitated false data, notwithstanding to exercise the other actions that proceed to that Right. It is recommended to have the maximum diligence in Data Protection matters through the use of safety tools, not being able to make TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. responsible of subtractions, modifications or losses of illicit data.

We inform you that you can exercise your rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition through the sending of an e-mail to or by letter aimed at C/Camp 83, 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, attaching a copy of the DNI.

TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. keeps the safety levels of personal data protection according to the RGPD and it has established all the technical media at its reach to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, non-authorised access and theft of the data that the Participant facilitates through the Promotion, notwithstanding to inform them that the Internet security measures are not impenetrable. TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. compromises to comply with the duty of secrecy and confidentiality regarding the personal data contained in the automatized file according to the applicable legislation, as well as to confer them a safe treatment in the transfers that may be produced.


TECNOLOGIES METAL·LURGIQUES MT S.L.U. keeps the right to modify or widen these promotional BASES, as far as it does not harm or damage the rights of the Participants in the Promotion.

The participation in the Promotion implies a full acceptance of these Legal Bases on behalf of the Participants that register in the present Promotion and they will be available for any person that wants to consult them.


These legal bases will be interpreted and will rule in accordance with the Spanish law. They will be competent to resolve any reclamation or controversy that may appear in relation to the validity, interpretation or compliance of these Bases in the Courts and Tribunals of the home country of the Participants.