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Marca Modelo Año Cilindrada Posición Referencia ∅ exterior ∅ interior Lado Espesor Nº taladros ∅ taladros
BMW (N)F 900 R SPORT ABS20895FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)F GT / F GT ABS09/20800FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)F R / F R 35 KW / ABS05/20800FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)F S / F ST06/15800FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K GRAND AMERICA ABS18/221649FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K GT (K48) / K GT ABS (K48)10/161649FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K GT SE ABS12/181649FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K GTL ABS (K48)11/161649FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K GTL EXCLUSIVE (K48)13/171649FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K R / K R ABS08/171300FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K S / K S ABS09/151300FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K S MOTOR SPORT09/151300FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)K SPORT11/161649FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)R 1250 R ABS19/211254FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)R 1250 RS ABS19/221254FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)R 1250 RT19/221254FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)R 1250 RT SPORT ABS19/211254FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)R NINE14/161170FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25
BMW (N)R R / R R ABS15/191170FRONT2091ZG320181L/R5510,25